Monday, December 29, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - How Do I Start Blogging?

So, you ask - how do I start blogging?

First a bit of history is in order. Blogs were first introduced as weblogs that refer to a “server’s log file.” Web logging has, over time, basically saturated the virtual community, which has made the Internet an extremely good source of information on countless numbers of topics.

The drawback with web logging is that you will need a web site and domain name. However, all you'll need to begin your blogging activities is a blog hosting account at a blogging provider, and quite often your account setup is free of charge.

More often than not, blogs are setup by individuals for there own personal use. They write about the goings on in their lives, activities, or perhaps base their blog around a specific issue or cause that is important to them.

However, over time businesses have moved some of their operations online, and blogging has become a way for them to increase their exposure, both of their brand name as well as their product offerings.

This increased exposure is designed to improve product sales as well profit margins, since blogging has such a low cost involved as compared to the costs of traditional retail channels. Blogging has become one of the best free ways to make money online.

Using blogs, businesses are able to provide useful information to their online visitors (potential customers) that is of immediate value to them.

Once this relationship has been established, the blog can then be "monetized" simply by directing the visitor to the company's website via a hyperlink.

If you are thinking of creating a blog, either for personal or business use, here are a few tips to get you going that should help differentiate you online from the other blogs within your category.

Here’s how:

1. Determine who your visitors are

The primary purpose of your blog, even if it is a personal one, is to give voice to your message - to be heard. Therefore, keep your visitors in mind and be sure to create content that is of interest to them.

2. Dress it up

Nothing makes a blog more visually applealing than a bit of intersting grahics. If it's apersonal blog, add some pictures that you can identify with in some way - this shares your personality with readers. If it's a business blog, add some product pictures, and of course your company logo.


The purpose of your blog is to share useful insights and information, not just ramble endlessly with drivel. Always be sure your content will in some way be of value to your visitor.

4. Don't make complicated posts

Do not try and impress your visitors with your knowledge of the dictionary. Write in straightforward language that the masses can understand. This is not a college thesis - just a simple transfer of information.

Remember, many of your visitors will simply be browsing the web, and you do not want your posts to be difficult to read.

5. Involve audio or video to enhance interactivity

If your provider allows it, add some audio or video. This will enhance your blog by having your readers watch and/or listen rather than just read.

Additionally, allow your readers to comment or give you feedback. This gives your blog more of a community feel, and you'll gain insight into exactly what your visitors are looking for from your blog.

So, whether for personal or business use, blogs can be a great way to share information, get your message heard and build your network. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Website Traffic Series #1

Welcome to the first installment of the website traffic series.

I've decided to begin a series of posts that will address the issue
of generating targeted website traffic, which we all know is THE
key factor facing not only internet marketers, but anyone doing
business on the web.

If you don't have the knowledge and ability to drive lots of visitors
to your website, it doesn't really matter how great your content,
pricing, etc. is......nobody will get the opportunity to see it.

Consequently, if nobody is visiting your website it will be virtually impossible for you to make money online.

Can you imagine a standard brick and mortar business opening up and doing no advertising to drive potential customers to their store?

Of course not...

That is essentially what traffic generation methods accomplish. The methods you use are forms of advertising that drive visitors to your website, which then gives you the opportunity to present your offer(s), whatever they may be.

So let's begin exploring the many options you have of driving targeted website traffic to your particular site on the web.

Increase Website Traffic - Method #1 -- Provide High Quality, Unique Content

This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many marketers forget this critical element.

The web is cluttered with low-quality, "also-ran" websites that provide little, if any, useful information to the visitor.

Set yourself apart by creating high-quality, useful, keyword-rich content that will be easy for web surfers, and more importantly the search engines, to find.

As you progress, the search engines will consider you a more valued and trusted site, as compared to others in your niche or category.

Also, as visitors come to value the content you produce they will naturally want to share the information with their friends and business audience. This will lead to those highly valuable one-way links to your site, and they'll often do this without being prompted to do so - they simply want to share a valuable resource.

Keep in mind as you create your content that if you can in some way solve some type of problem or situation that someone else has, they will love you for it, return again, and share your website with others.

See you soon with another tip to help you increase your website traffic.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - What Is Bum Marketing?

Have you heard about the latest buzz called bum marketing?

Bum marketing has been all the rage in the last few months and
there is a good reason.

So what is bum marketing?

Bum marketing is a very focused method of Internet Marketing with no advertising cost at all.

Bum marketing is basically writing and submitting highly focused
articles that contain keywords on a certain topic.

Just like the article you are reading right now.

Say you have a product that shows someone how to make quilts and
you want to promote the product, but you just do not have the
money to do so.

All you do is go to and do a search for little
used keyword terms for quilting.

You want to put quotes around your search term so you can get
exact phrase matching results.

For instance, you could seach for the keyword "free quilting tips"
and you will see how many times that keyword was searched for.

The heart of bum marketing lies when you find a keyword that has
a good search results and few if any google adwords.

Then using bum marketing you can write up short 250-300 word articles that contain the search phrase.

When writing your articles for bum marketing you should try and use
the keyword phrase in the first and second paragraphs and then about
5-7 more times througout the article.

In the resource box at the end of your article, you will put a link
to your website so the readers will click onto your product page.

After you submit your bum marketing articles to a few article directories the search engines will index your article on keyword density and rank you high in the searches for your keywords.

Bum marketing is a great no cost way to make money on the internet. Give it a try.

You can find more online marketing information at The Internet Marketing Tip Center

Turbo Tagger

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Three Simple Rules For Profiting From Internet Marketing Forums

A rarely used method for profiting online is by using
internet marketing forums.

Forums should be an integral part of your business marketing
plan. Internet marketing forums are a great way to drive traffic
to your product website and here's how to do it.

Internet Marketing Forums Rule #1 - Ask questions.

When joining a few internet marketing forums, one the best
ways to introduce yourself is to ask questions of fellow

Make your questions relevant. Be polite. Look at other
posts and determine the forums posting rules.

Don't ask questions just for the sake of making a post.

Get involved with the members and make sure to post only
those questions that pertain to the subject matter.

Internet Marketing Forums Rule #2 - Answer questions.

Here's where the biggest impact will be made with internet
marketing forums.

By anwering other forum members questions, you create a
good relationship.

Never post an answer unless you really know how to help
the person out.

Many times you'll find internet marketing forums being
abused by people who just post irrelevant comments for
the sake of advertising a product.

This is spam and will get you banned from the forums.

Internet Marketing Forums Rule #3 - Use a signature file.

This is a powerful method of using internet marketing
forums to drive traffic to your website.

Your signature file is simply an ad for your website.

You always place this at the end of your post when using
internet marketing forums.

Never just use a signature file without giving actual
help and useful information.

Again, you will build trust by helping others, and in
return they will visit your website and hopefully
become paying customers or subscribers.

Put these rules to good use when using internet marketing
forums for maximum results.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Three Quick Tips For Internet Marketing Success

Making a living with internet marketing isn't hard, but
it does require a bit of knowledge to make the maximum
return on your investment.

The following is a beginners guide to making the most
out of your internet marketing business idea.

#1 - You need your own product or access to a product
that you can make sales from.

Ideally, you want to create your own product.

The best money making products for internet marketing
are information type ebooks, reports, etc.

If you've got a great amount of knowledge or expertise
on a certain subject, then you can create an ebook or
report on the topic.

If for some reason you can't think of anything for a
product of your own, then you can find many products
that you can sell by becoming an affiliate and earning
a percentage of each sale.

To find these products, simply take a look at this

It's free to sign up and use.

#2 - Once you've created or found a product you'll
want to get the word out about it as soon as possible.

There are many proven ways to do this.

For example, you can go to and use
what is called Pay Per Click advertising.

This is where you pay for actual clicks on an ad you
create for your product.

You do this by compiling a list keywords that are
targeted to your product.

Keywords are basically search terms you use to find
information on the topic of your choice.

Once you have a list of keywords, you can then place
bids on each one.

If someone searches for your keyword, clicks on your
ad, then you're charged.

The person who clicks is sent to your website for the

If they buy, you make a sale!

So, it's a fairly simple process to make money with pay per click. That's why so many internet marketers use it.

#3 - A great no cost way of getting traffic to your
website is to write and submit articles just like the
one you're reading now.

All you need to do is write up a 300-500 word article
on your product topic.

You can also write a review or a how-to style article.

Just make sure the article is not an ad but gives out
useful information on your subject.

At the end of your article, you'll create a resource

This is nothing more than a small ad for the website
that features your product.

You readers will click on the link and be taken to
your saleletter.

You can submit your articles to a great directory at

These three tips should help you make the most out of
your internet marketing endeavors.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Advertising Tips - Three Free Advertising Tips

Many small business have a shoestring operating budget and
can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on advertising.

So here are a few free advertising tips to help you save a
bit of cash.

You can use this free advertising as much and as often as
you need to.

#1 - Submit a press release.

One of the best free advertising tips is to write a press
release for your business.

A press release can be a story about how you got started
with your business or about a unique product or service
you offer.

Make your release interesting and not a blatant ad for
your business.

People love success stories and that is a good way of
writing your press lease.

Then once it is finished, you can submit it to local
news outlets or you can publish it online.

The best place to release your story is by using the
website at

#2 - Write a magazine article.

This is one of the more commonly used free advertising
tips because it simply works.

There are hundreds of magazines on a variety of topics.

All you have to do is find a few that deal with your what
your business is about.

Then you simply write up a 500-700 word article and submit
it to the editors of your chosen magazines.

You will be able to put an authors resource box at the end
of your article.

This is where you will put your contact information for
your business.

#3 - Use your vehicle.

One of the most unused free advertising tips is by using
your car, van or truck to advertise your business.

Just think about how often you use your vehicle and the
places you drive to.

All you need to do is put your company logo on a license

Or you can put your logo on your doors, hood, or just about
anywhere it can clearly be seen. Make sure to include your
website address!

One of the benefits from using this method is you can also
make it tax deductible.

So there you go.

You have at your disposal some of the best free advertising

Put them to good use and save some money.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Value Of Article Marketing

The value of article marketing is several fold, in that
it performs several different functions for the marketer
simultaneously that all work together to achieve the
common purposes of positioning and profitability.

The positioning is two-fold. Search engine listing positions
can be influential in determining the amount of traffic received
to the article and the corresponding sales page.

This is located on the other side of the link in the resource
box just below the conclusion of the article.

Also, the positioning as to how the marketing article effectively
pre-sells and qualifies the visitor to the website by
placing content that is niche related to the website, with
the product and/or service directly in front of the viewer
so that the viewer may then decide to become a targeted
website visitor or simply leave the article with the new
content retained.

Both of these positioning abilities of articles in marketing
make article marketing a very viable strategy in extending
market reach, web presence and even sales conversions in the
long run.

A well written article such as this one, or one that might be
created by the world's best article marketing service,
ArticlesInMyInbox, will be effective in search engine rankings
as well as delivering fresh, original, unique and interesting
content that keeps the reader captivated and longing to see
just what awaits them at the web site prepared expressly and
exclusively for their enjoyment and service to them.

Sometimes the most helpful advice can be found in that very
resource box where an ebook containing steps on how to build
a list or write an article would be.

Yes, sometimes, it's just simple to see the straightforward
effectiveness of caring for your customer.

After all, they are always going to be number one to you.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Internet Marketing Success - The True Secret To Internet Marketing Success

For many, internet marketing success is hundreds of miles away and
seemingly unattainable.

But in reality there is a real secret to internet marketing success
that many use - but few understand how to harness.

See, with todays' "download and go" mentality you have put
something on the back burner that was taught to you at an early age.

And that is patience. Patience is the true secret to not only internet
marketing success, but success with any type of venture in your life.

Yep, this little word conjures up quite a few emotions in you.

And now I want to put patience into context with your internet marketing success.

You must never think or believe that if you start your business on a
Monday, by Friday you should be able to quit your day job.

This is just not going to happen. You need have patience.

If you think that getting in on a "get rich" quick plan is going to earn
you $100,000 in thirty days by sending a dollar to five people on a list, then I suggest you go and flush your hard earned five dollars down the toilet.

You need to have patience.

Now, if you are willing to put in some hard work, and are willing to go
that extra mile, and have patience then you will achieve internet
marketing success.

Take your time with your internet business.

You obviously chose to start your own business to live a better and more fulfilling life for yourself and family.

Why would you want to rush in and take the risk of a failure, just because you did not have patience.

I will leave you all with this little thought that I have used over and
over again, and it has worked for me every time.

"Keep it fun, and the money will come." Just remember to never ever give up on your dreams!

You must have patience.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - The Top 3 Ways To Make Money With Internet Marketing

Yes, you really can earn a really good living and make money online with internet marketing and here are a few of the best ways to do it.

#1 - Sell your own product.

It goes without saying that you will make the most money with internet
marketing if you have your own product to sell.

This way, you get to keep all profits and set yourself up as a real
expert in your field.

The best type of product to sell with internet marketing is information

Information products can be in the form of an ebook, report, cd, audio

Having your own product will make you the most money with internet
marketing - hands down.

#2 - Sell affiliate products.

You can also make good money with internet marketing by becoming an
affiliate for products that you do not own.

You get paid a percentage on each sale you make as an affiliate, and
you can find hundreds of affiliate products by going to click bank

You can sign up for free and you are paid every two weeks on all

This form of internet marketing is easy because you do not need your
own product or website.

#3 - Start a newsletter.

Without a doubt a great way to make money with internet
marketing is by starting your own newsletter.

Having your own newsletter is a must if you intend on making any
real long-term income from internet marketing.

You need to have a newsletter to keep in constant contact with
people who are interested in what you are selling.

The easiest way to do this is to start a newsletter and send out
useful content in the form of short articles.

Then mix in product promotions.

You will eventually build trust with your newsletter readers and
begin making sales.

Remember, internet marketing will take patience but the results will
be well worth your time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Top 3 Ways For Maximum Traffic Generation

It goes without saying that if you have a website
then you need to send traffic to it in order to be

Traffic generation is the life blood of your internet

Without traffic your website would sit in limbo - an
empty unused vessel with no potential at all.

What follows are the best methods of traffic generation.
Some are free others are paid.

Traffic Generation Tip #1 - Write and submit articles.

This is the best free way of traffic generation and you
should write and submit as many articles per day as you
possibly can.

If you can do one per day great. If you can do 10 per
day that is amazing and will produce great results.

Your articles only need to be 250-500 words in length.

Make sure they are relevant to your topic and not an
advertisement or you will not get them published.

Traffic Generation Tip #2 - Post to forums.

Using forums is another great free form of traffic
generation and will send highly targeted visitors to your

You need to post to as many forums as you can each day.

Make it a habit to post to as many forums as you can and
make your posts top notch, relevant, and helpful.

Become a friend to all on the forums. Do not forget to
ask questions also.

Forums have the ability to send a ton of quality traffic
if you use them consistently.

Traffic Generation Tip #3 - Use Pay per click advertising.

This form of traffic generation is not free and to be
honest can be down right expensive.

When you use pay per click for traffic generation, make
sure your key words are highly targeted.

Laser targeted key words are the way to go.

Never use vague key words for your campaign or you will
simply end up spending a ton of money and get little or
no results.

Pay per click advertising has the ability to be a powerful
traffic generator but should be used with the utmost care.

By using all of the above methods of traffic generation, you
should see a big jump in activity at your website.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Top 3 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools

To successfully run and profit for your online business
you're going to need the proper internet marketing tools.

Without the proper internet marketing tools, you stand a
good chance of failing.

The following is a very short list of the tools you're
going to need to properly execute your internet business.

#1 - Autoresponders.

Without a doubt having an autoresponder is crucial to
doing business online.

It's one of the most powerful internet marketing tools
you'll have in your arsenal.

An autoresponder will help to automate the entire process
of following up, sending broadcast messages, collecting your
prospects data, etc.

You must have an autoresponder to business online.

Just do a search on for autoresponders and
you'll have your choice of hundreds.

Personally, I have always used aweber.

They are a fantastic company, and their product and service
has never let me down.

#2 - Ad tracking software.

This is another must have of your internet marketing

Ad tracking software will help you know exactly where
and where not to advertise.

They are also a great help in running email campaigns
to your own list as they track exact clicks, sales,

This software will become vital to your success so don't
hesitate to get this up and running soon.

For a great, free tracking tool try TrackThatAd.

It's not only a fully-functioning tracking tool, but
also a business-building and educational tool as well. I
highly recommend it.

#3 - Video.

This is probably one of the most underused internet
marketing tools on the internet.

Video will help you gain the trust of your customers
and prospects.

By adding video to your website you can increase the
conversion rate by as much as 100% or more.

It's pretty easy to get set up.

All you need is a video camera and some software.

The best software to use is called FLV Producer and
makes it super easy to add video to any site.

Video can be one of the best internet marketing tools
you'll ever use once you learn how to harness it's

Using all the above internet marketing tools will help
your business succeed quicker and save you time and

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Defense of Internet Marketers Everywhere

Recently, one of our own - legendary Internet Marketer John
Reese - was verbally attacked by Mark Hopkins at the Mashable

John is arguably one of the most stand-up, generous IM'ers out
there, and has contributed greatly to the success of many through
his quality products and fantastic content.

Rather than recap the ridiculous, unwarranted attack, I suggest
you head over to his blog (remember I said great content?) and
read his response to it.

It's not only his rebuttal - it's a rally cry for all of us who
desire success through our Internet Marketing efforts.

Go here and enjoy the read:
John Reese - Internet Marketers Attack Response

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free Ways To Make Money Online - The Three Best, Free Ways To Make Money Online

Everyone seems to be looking for free ways to make money online
so here are a few of the best for you to get started.

When using free ways to Earn Money Online, you should be aware
that it may not take an investment of money, but it will take
an investment of your time.

So here you go.

First you will want to start a blog. You can get a free blog by
doing a search on

Also, there are many places on the web that you can search to get
free blog layouts - these can really give some personality to your

Next you will want to pick a topic for your blog.

To find hot topics, do some searching on forums related to the
topic of your choice.

Join in and find out the most frequently asked questions.

This will give you enough information to actually start making
posts to your own blog.

Once you have a topic, you will want to go to and
sign up for their google adsense program, which is one of the
more popular free ways to make money online.

To make money with google adsense, you will place some code on
your blog, and list ads from google.

You will be paid a percentage on every ad that is clicked.

For more on google adsense, please visit

Another one of the great free ways to make money online is by
becoming an affiliate.

Since you already have a blog and a topic, you can actually
sign up as reseller for other products and make a percentage
of each sale.

The best place to find these products is at

You can sign up for free and get access to thousands of different

Just find a product on your topic, write up a review, place your
affiliate payment link within the review and post it to your blog.

This is one of the best free ways to make money online and is used
by many people who start blogs.

There is even another free way to make money online - you can do
this by using your blog to sell advertising space.

If your blog is getting some good traffic and consistent visitors
you can charge other people for ad space.

You can place small ads at the top of your blog, or you can sell ad space
anywhere on your blog page that you find reasonable.

You can sell text ads, html ads, banner ads or any other type you
can think of.

So now you know a few free ways to make money online.

Get busy and start making some money.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - The Perfect Home Based Business Explained

One of the most common questions I am asked is this...

"Hey Scott, Just what the heck is the PERFECT type of
home based business".

That is a very good question, and I think it deserves
a thoughtful answer, so here it is in a nutshell.

With all of the hundreds upon hundreds of different
"earn a secondary income" offers that come into your email or snail mail box, there can be what I like to call "option anxiety".

This is where you have 35 offers that all sound and
look super, but for the life of you, you just cannot
seem to be able to pick the one that really stands
apart from the rest.

Not to worry my fine hard working friend.

With the onset of this barage, you have forgotten one
little, simple thing that will always help you decide
which home based business offer is the perfect one
for you.

What is this simple thing?

You simply choose the one offer that makes you feel
comfortable and gets you excited!

Yep, that is it.

See, in order for you to really get behind whatever
home based business offer you decide on, you must
believe in it and feel one hundred percent comfortable
with your choice.

This way you can say for sure that you will be able
to get behind your choice and make it work for the
only person that counts - and that is you.

So, remember no matter how many home based business
offers come onto your plate, choose the one that makes
you feel confident that you can get behind your choice
100% and make it happen!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Article Marketing - The #1 Use For Using Article Marketing

If you're looking for a great free advertising source then
look no further than article marketing.

Article marketing is the best way you are going to find for
free advertising.

Not only is article marketing a great, no cost way of promoting
a product or service but there's another benefit that shouldn't
be over looked.

You also brand yourself as an expert in your field or topic
that your article is about.

To make the most out of your article marketing efforts you
should make your articles between 250-500 words long.

Fill your articles with great, useful content.

Make sure your article is stuffed with a solution to a
problem your reader can relate to.

Just like the article you are reading right now is giving you the
best ways to use article marketing for maximum results.

Don't try to sell anything within the article itself.

You do the selling in your resource box at the end of your

Your resource box is nothing more than an eye catching
advertisement for your product or service.

You should make your resource box ad compelling enough to
make the reader click to your website so you can either
sell them a product or collect their name and email
address for future follow up.

Once you have your article written, spell checked, and ready
to go, you will want to submit it to an article directory.

One of the best directories is

You will want to write and submit atleast 1 article per day
for the best results when using article marketing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Michael Rasmussen's "Mini Site Profits Exposed" Video Series: How To Create A Mini Site That Runs On Autopilot And Makes You Money While You Sleep!

Most Internet marketers understand that having mini
sites is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money
online. They don't require a lot of time, energy, or
money to set up, and once you've got one up and
running, you can sit back and just collect money from
all the sales you're making.

At least... that's how it's supposed to be, right?

The truth is that mini sites really ARE easy to set
up. They really DON'T require much time, energy, and
money to set up. So why is it that so few people
actually make money with their mini sites?

The answer is that they never learned how to actually
turn their mini site into a profitable moneymaker that
runs completely on autopilot. The good news is...


Here's what this is all about: My colleague Michael
Rasmussen has just released a brand new video course
that will walk you through the process of creating a
killer mini site from the ground up, and then he'll
also teach you how to actually start making money with
it right away and into the future.

If you've been looking for help with monetizing your
mini sites, then this is exactly what you need. The
best part? The videos are FREE! I'll tell you more
about that later. First, let's talk about the videos

If you're in a hurry, you can just check the
videos out right now for free. Here's the URL:

Mini Site Profits


It's important to note that these are online videos
that you access from your web browser. Michael uses
Camtasia Studio to create these videos, which is the
premier software program for creating screen capture
tutorials such as these.

The first thing I noticed when I hit the play button
on the first video was the incredible production
quality. These are NOT your ordinary screen capture
videos. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen someone
make videos that are this high quality before.

He uses beautifully created graphics to pass his
wisdom along to you, and the sound quality is the
highest you will ever hear in an Internet marketing
product. They sound like they were recorded in a
professional studio.

Michael explained to me that he was sick and tired of
seeing all the low quality videos out there, and so he
set out to create something different in order to
raise the bar in our industry. I think that, when you
see Mini Site Profits Exposed for yourself, you'll
agree that he has succeeded.

Now let's move onto...


Here's a brief summary of each video. Obviously
it's impossible to list every single thing here,
but I want you to get a feel for what each one
covered, and how well it covered it.

If you're in a hurry, you can just check the
videos out right now for free. Here's the URL:

Mini Site Profits


This videos introduces you to the entire course, as
well as the teacher himself. You'll learn what you can
expect from the course, and why it's structured the
way it is.

Michael realizes that you may not have heard of him,
and so he spends some time establishing his
credibility with you by sharing some of his biggest
successes. It doesn't come across as bragging at all.
Michael explains that, in order for you to get value
from the teachings, you need to have faith that the
teacher actually knows what he's talking about. By the
end of this video, you will have no doubt.

By the way, this is a good lesson for all of us
product developers. If you want people to accept you
as an authority on any subject, you first need to
establish your credibility with the reader. That way
he's willing to relax, and trust that what you're
telling him is sound advice.


This video will introduce you to the basics of mini
site marketing. This will set the foundation that all
future learning will rest upon, so it's important to
pay close attention to this one.

You'll learn:

* What mini-sites are, and what makes them different
from regular content sites.

* Which businesses they work well for… and which ones
they don’t.

* The right mindset to have when it comes to creating
mini sites as part of your online business strategy.

* And the different tools you need to get started.

This was a great video, and did an excellent job of
kicking things off, and building the foundation for
the rest of the course.


This is probably one of the most useful videos of the
entire course. Every Internet marketer needs to build
an email list, but how do you do it? What is the best
way to capture the most opt-ins?

The answer is 'squeeze pages'. This video will teach

* Why using a squeeze page is far superior to other
opt-in methods.

* The single most important thing you must include at
the top of your squeeze page to skyrocket your opt-in

* The secret structure of a squeeze page, and why most
marketers get it wrong (which costs them a LOT of

* The most important to include in your opt-in process
that will make sure that people actually receive your

After watching this video, you'll know everything you
need to know to start building a massive opt-in list
right away. This will probably be the first video that
you 'take action' on. You'll be so excited about the
possibilities, that I guarantee you'll go and create
your own squeeze page right away.


Nothing happens until the sales copy is written.
Graphics alone will never sell a product, but sales
copy alone WILL. This video begins to demystify the
mysterious process of writing words that make people
whip out their credit cards and buy.

Specifically, you'll learn:

* Why you need to learn copywriting, even if you “hate
to write”

* What a compelling offer looks like, and how to tell
the difference.

* How to write an eyeball-grabbing headline that
practically forces your readers to go through your
entire page.

* A simple trick you can use in your opening to make
your reader want to learn more.

There is no skill that is more important to your
success than the ability to write killer sales copy.
Make sure you pay extra attention to this video, as
well as...


This video dives right into the individual components
of a killer sales letter. You'll learn how to create
the "secret structure" of a mini site sales letter
that makes big money. Specifically, you'll learn:

* How to create captivating body copy that draws your
reader into the sales letter.

* Bullets that force your reader to keep reading the
whole page, and makes them insanely curious and want
to buy your product

* How to take the risk off people's shoulders, so
they'll feel safe buying from you.

* How to craft your 'call to action', and get people
to whip out their credit cards and buy immediately.

* The secrets of writing a killer P.S. that helps seal
the deal, and flip your prospect into a buyer

This video covered a surprising amount of detail,
especially considering that this course is not
specifically about copywriting. Michael Rasmussen is
definitely someone who overdelivers in his educational


Unless you want to be chained to your computer, you
must learn how to put your mini sites on autopilot.
The only thing you should be doing is driving traffic,
and letting the site itself do all the work, including
the work of instantly delivering the product to the

This video will walk you through the process of
automating your product delivery, so you can just
relax, and collect the money. The best part is... once
you have this automated system set up, you never have
to touch it again.


This video is guaranteed to be an eye opener for
almost everyone who watches it, even the experienced
marketers. Michael dives into some of the most
effective 'upselling' techniques that I've ever seen.

Nowhere else on the Internet have I seen such a
thorough tutorial on how to increase the 'size' of
your orders. You'll learn:

* The psychology of 'upselling', and how to use it
make your customer spend even more money with you.
The best part? He'll think it was his idea!

* The absolute best time to upsell your customer. This
one will surprise you when you realize how much money
you've been leaving on the table by skipping this

* 5 simple techniques to increase your profit by up to

If you've already got a mini site that's up and
running, this video will make a big difference for you
right away. Use any of these 'plug and profit'
strategies to increase your income literally


If there's one thing I've noticed that all successful
marketers have in common, it's that they have a great
affiliate program. They create a program that allows
other people to make good money by promoting their
products, and they get to just sit back and relax,
while everyone else is doing the hard work of
promoting FOR them.

If you've ever dreamed of having an army of motivated
sales people working hard to make you money, then
you're going to love this video. Michael will teach

* What an affiliate program is, and how to set one up
very quickly.

* Exactly what tools you need to give your affiliates
(most people miss the mark here, so pay extra
attention to this part).

* Why merely having an affiliate program is NOT enough
to convince people to sign up, and what you can do
instead to have people eagerly trying to become one of
your affiliates.

* How to motivate affiliates to sell for you.


Let's face it... it's not enough to explain what you
should do. You also need to know what mistakes you
should avoid. Michael has already made these costly
mistakes, but you don't have to. You'll learn:

- Why people do judge a book by its cover... and how to
capitalize on that for your mini-site

- The single biggest reason people don’t buy from a
mini site, and how you can apply this 'instant fix'.

- The single biggest thing that will kill your
mini-site (it's not what you think, and making this
mistake is a surefire way to drain money from your
bank account FAST!)

- Two list building mistakes that’ll cripple your
long-term profits.


This video will walk you through the process of
designing a product line that will make you a TON of
money. There's a lot more to it than you'd think,
which is why this important concept (which was taken
from direct marketing) gets it's own video.

After watching this video, you'll understand why you
can't just have a single front end product, and you'll
know exactly what to do in order to get your customer
to keep buying more and more expensive products from
you... completely on autopilot!

This video is a MUST for any serious marketer who
wants to make a lot of money from their online


The title of this video says it all. You'll learn
all of Michael's secrets for getting top notch
freelancers to help you create your mini site empire
in record time.

Let's face it, you can't be an expert at everything
that mini sites require. For example, it's really
tough to be a top notch graphic designer, while also
mastering HTML, and then becoming a killer
copywriter, on top of also creating the product

And the list goes on and on. If you want to be
efficient, and begin making money as fast as
possible, outsourcing is the secret to making it
happen. This video will show you exactly what to do,
as well as some common (and very expensive) pitfalls
to avoid.


Let's face it... it doesn't matter how great your
mini site is if you don't get any traffic coming to
it. Getting traffic can be one of the most confusing
and mysterious parts of making money online IF you
don't get the proper education.

Thankfully, Michael really dives in, and gives you a
lightning fast education in this area. Specifically,
you'll learn:

* How to use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to get
targeted traffic fast.

* 3 ways to get targeted traffic without spending a

* 2 ways to leverage the experience and contacts of
other people to explode your traffic.

* 3 traffic strategies to avoid like the plague!

By the time you're done with this video, you'll know
what to do right away to begin driving targeted
visitors to your mini site.

Wow, you get all those videos for free? Click
here to check out the Mini Site Profits Exposed
course for yourself:

Mini Site Profits


Mini Site Profits Exposed comes with 12 videos, and
has more content than most 300 dollar home study
courses. And did I mention that it's free?

If you decide that you want to continue your
education, and get the biggest possible advantage, you
can also upgrade to the deluxe course for a small fee.
The deluxe course contains four full-length videos
that each cover one advanced topic in great detail.

Here's a breakdown of each video:


This deluxe video could easily be a whole course in
itself. It walks you though the entire process of
setting up a back end that is completely automated
using an autoresponder system.

You'll learn how to set up your autoresponder to
automatically remove a person from your prospect list
after he buys, and then insert him into your customer
list. This is where your new autoresponder sequence
will start promoting your back end products

Bottom line... if you want to make the big bucks like
all the Internet marketing gurus, you need to create a
back end that works hard for you while you're out
creating new mini sites and developing new products.
This video will show you how.


In this deluxe video, Michael will walk you through
some of his best tactics for growing a massive list
from your mini site. He'll not only teach you what to
add to your mini site, but he'll also show you what
you must REMOVE from your mini site in order to get
the most possible subscribers.

Building a list is about SO much more than just
offering a free newsletter. In fact, Michael shows you
five different things you can offer your readers to
get them to instantly give you their name and email.

You'll also learn the best places to actually put the
opt-in email form on your mini site. You'll also learn
about pop ups and tell-a-friend scripts, as well as a
bunch of other incredible tactics for growing your

I have a hunch that you'll find yourself referring to
this video over and over again.


When you think about all the 'stuff' you can do to
drive traffic to your site, it's hard to know what you
should focus on first. This video will walk you
through the four most important marketing activities
you can do to drive traffic to your mini site.

Once you master these four, you'll never have to
wonder what you should do when you start a new mini
site. You'll have an easy-to-follow road map for
driving tons of targeted prospects to your site, so
you can begin making money ASAP!


In this final deluxe video, Michael will reveal his
best kept secrets for squeezing maximum profit out of
any mini site. These are techniques that you have NOT
seen before, so you'll want to pay extra close
attention to this one.

Think about it... if you're going to put the time in,
and set up a mini site the proper way (like Michael
shows you in these videos), then it only makes sense
that you'd want to make the most amount of money
possible from it.

In this video, you'll learn:

- How changing one sentence on your mini site could
double your profits easily.

- How to instantly increase the dollar amount of your
average order (which puts more money into your

- The one thing you must add to your 'download page'
that will instantly increase your income (with no
extra work, once this thing is put into place).

- How to turn your actual product into a money making


Whew! That was a lot of information, and I hope it
helped you decide to check out Michael Rasmussen's
Mini Site Profits Exposed video course. Remember the
course is absolutely free, so you have nothing to

Michael believes that it's important for him to prove
himself to you before he ever asks you to buy anything
from him. He wants to show you that he will deliver
you the absolute best education available anywhere,
and he'll gladly do it for free... just to win you

So go ahead and check out Mini Site Profits Exposed
right now, and see what all the fuss is about. I
highly recommend that you upgrade to the deluxe
course as well. Here's the URL:

Mini Site Profits

Scott Cofer

Monday, June 2, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Take Baby Steps To Home Business Success

Starting, and then running, a successful home business
is a dream and a goal for many of you.

Many times this goal seems to be as unattainable as
you walking on the moon.

With the everyday tasks and responsibilities that are
put upon you, it can be hard enough to just make it
through your day without a headache.

So how in the world are you suppose to be able to
focus some of your energy and time to make your own
home business a success?

Here is how...

We live in such a fast paced society, that we expect
immediate results and affect for most of the goals
that we set and the tasks we perform.

For instance, when you purchase a meal at a fast food
restaurant, you usually get your results back fast.

The result being that you satisfy your hunger right

Well, starting and running a home business is definitely
not like that.

So how do you find the time to achieve home business success
and see results as quickly as possible?

Here is your answer: "Baby Steps"

Yep, take baby steps to make your home based business a
rewarding and profitable success.

Slow down. Do not expect "overnight wealth".

It is just not going to happen that way.

You must have the conviction to stay your course and
have the patience to see your goals come to fruition.

In addition, consider relying on God to give you guidance
and patience during the process of building your home based
business. You may even want to try and find a stable and
solid online Christian business to pursue.

Take baby steps by defining and reaching small tasks
for your business on a daily basis.

You can't do everything at once. It is impossible.

Take your time and enjoy what you are doing.

Remember why you wanted your own home business in the first
place... to have and enjoy the freedom.

Once you understand that taking baby steps can and
will work, only then will you realize the beauty of
home business success.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Proven Ways To Make Extra Money With Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital component for you as it will be
a key method for you to make money.

In order to Make Extra Money with email marketing, you have to
consistently work on building an opt in list of subscribers.

To get subscribers, simply write and submit 300-500 word articles
to a few article directories and direct your readers to a
squeeze page where they give you their name and email address
in return for a free report.

One of the best ways to make money with email marketing
is by sending out quality, useful content to your readers.

In doing so, you create and build a relationship with your

Then you can make product recommendations, or write reviews.

This is how to make money with email marketing and is being
done each day by individuals just like you.

Email marketing will also consist of placing targeted ads
in other ezines to help build your opt in list.

You can do a quick search for ezine directories and will find
thousands to choose from.

You will also make money with email marketing by setting up
and participating in joint ventures with other marketers.

Doing a joint venture with another marketer, where you each
recommend a product to your list, has the ability to make you
big profits with your email marketing.

You should seek out at least 3-5 solid joint venture partners
per month to really make money with email marketing.

Just do a search for keywords on your product, and find other
marketers who are selling similar products.

Contact them and try to set up a few joint ventures.

Another way to make money with email marketing is to sell ad
space in your ezine or newsletter.

You can put an ad at the top of your ezine, or you can charge
for a full page ad which is called a solo ad.

You can easily make money with email marketing by using any
or all of the above methods.

Now go and get started!

Want a step-by-step plan for building your own email
marketing list? Register for your FREE List Building Course today!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Offline Marketing For Easy Online Profits

Today, you are going to discover three super ways to
advertise your Online business "Offline" and keep the
online profit rolling.

The main point you must remember is this...

Yes, you have an online business, but you do not have
to limit yourself and your business to just this one
medium of advertising.

The key to any successful business is to diversify, and
one way to do this is by finding other advertising
outlets and continue reaping the profits.

So lets move on and see just how you can do this...

#1 Newspaper advertising

Without a doubt newspapers will never go away. Even with
the popularity of email people still like to pick up their
trusty ink rag and give it a good read.

Newspaper advertising can be a very inexpensive way to
bring in fresh leads to your website.

Simply use the "classified ad" section in the back of
your local paper.

Place a small ad pertaining to your Online business
and then insert your webpage address(URL) instead of your
address or phone number.

I have run many profitable newspaper campaigns and I can
tell you that they work!

For a great listing of inexpensive newspapers to place
your ads, try

#2 Magazines

The power of a good magazine ad is undeniable.

While this form of offline advertising may be a bit
more expensive, the numbers you can do with magazine
ads are incredible.

With this type of Offline advertising you want to do
the same as you would with a newspaper.

Place a small classified in the back of the
publication and insert your webpage address(URL).

There are hundreds of magazines covering a wide range
of subjects.

Just go down to your favorite newsstand or bookstore
and pick up a few that pertain to your Online

Look in the back at the classifieds. Find out the
price and place an ad!

#3 Tabloids

Yes the National Enquirer, The Star, etc.

These gossip rags reach millions of readers and are a
great way to test a small classified for just about
any type of product or service.

They have reasonable rates and are well worth checking
in to.

One campaign I ran in "The Star" made me well over a
$5,000 profit!

Hey, you can probably find one these bad boys laying
around at your mother-in-laws house. :-)

Anyway, the above 3 offline marketing mediums should
not be overlooked.

Remember to keep your classified ads short and to the

Try keeping them to 10-15 words maximum.

Let your webpage do the selling.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Marketing On The Internet Made Easy

One of the easiest and quickest money making ideas is
to market products and/or services on the internet.

Marketing on the internet isn't hard once you know a
few key methods to maximize your results.

To make the most of your efforts, you should have a
product that you own.

Whether your product is electronic or physical, it's
important that you control the outcome.

You make much more profit marketing on the internet
when you are the product developer and owner.

Once you've got a product ready, you'll want to write
up a short sales page.

This sales page will only be used to collect the name
and email address of visitors.

You'll want to have a powerful headline, a few short
paragraphs explaining a few of the key benefits.

Then ask for the visitors name and email address.

The only way to ensure you get their information is
to use an autoresponder, such as aweber

This little tool will be of great help to you when
you're marketing on the internet.

You can also do a search for autoresponders and pick the one
that best suits your needs and learn the basics of
setting them up.

Now that your short webpage is ready, you'll want to
get people to visit.

You can do this by using Pay Per Click advertising.

This is where you pay for each click on keywords you
have chosen that are related to your product subject.

The best place to do this is

Just click on the advertising program link and you'll
be taken through the simple set up process.

Once you've got visitors coming to your website, a
percentage of them will enter their information.

This will become your mailing list and will give you
the chance to keep following up with your prospects
if they don't order the first time around.

Following up with your prospects is the key to marketing
on the internet.

You should try and send helpful information to your
mailing list in the form of articles like the one you're
reading now.

You will also want to mix in promotional messages for
your product.

Try sending two helpful articles per week to your new
list, and then one time per week send them a message
letting them know about your product(s).

This way, you'll continue to build trust and make more

This is a very basic method for marketing on the internet.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

List Building - List Building Is A Numbers Game

Building an opt in list simply means getting as
many targeted leads as you possibly can - for the
least amount of cost.

The more leads you add to your opt in list the
better your chances of making a profit.

Many top internet experts agree that you should
be able to profit at a minimum of .50 to one
dollar per subscriber on your main list and as
much as $8.00 to $10.00 per subscriber on your
customer list.

Your main list is considered your "warm list",
meaning the subscribers have raised their hand
and shown interest on your topic.

By sending them quality information and offers
over time, they will purchase from you.

This is your "customer list".

Your customer list is your "bread and butter
list". This list is full of proven buyers who
have actually spent money on a product or
service on your topic.

This list is gold and should be treated as such.

Be very selective with your offers to this list
and it will send you profits forever.

Simple math will show that having 3000 subscribers
on your main list should yield you around $1500.00
to $3000.00.

While your customer list if you've got 300 proven
buyers should profit at between $2400.00 and
$3000.00 per month.

If by chance you are not getting the above the numbers
with your opt in list, you need to take a closer
look at your subscribers and niche.

List building is nothing more than numbers and the
more subscribers you add, the more money you make.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

List Building And Article Marketing - List Building And Article Marketing For Beginners

Article marketing is one of the best ways to generate
traffic to your website, plus you can build an opt in
list, which is the all important task for your online

First of all, it's very easy to get started, all you need
to do is begin writing short articles that are related to
your topic.

The best type of article should be around 250-300 words
in length and offer useful content to your reader just
like the one you are reading right now.

If you keep your articles short, you can write many more
in a shorter amount of time.

Also, if you have an article that is around 600 words, break
it up into two parts. This way you get two articles for the
time it takes to create one.

Make sure you put a link at the end of your article that
leads your reader to your website where you will offer
some type of free gift in return for their name and
email address.

This is how you will build your all important opt in list.

Then submit your articles to the top 5 article directories.

For the best results, you should try to write and submit
5 articles per day to each of the top 5 article directories

A big mistake that beginning article marketers make is to think
that writing only 5 articles will be enough.

It takes many articles to gain maximum results and to build a
good opt in list.

Start with ... then do a google search for
"top article directories" to get a list of directories to
submit your articles to.

Now...get into action!

Friday, April 18, 2008

How To Write Emails - How To Write Emails That Produce Revenue

To really make money online, you need to know how to compose emails.

If you don't know how to compose emails effectively then
your chances of making money are very restricted.

Learning how to compose emails that generate income is not hard
it just calls for practice.

For starters, you must recognize what your audience needs.

If they're searching for information on the finest golf clubs
then you want to make certain your e-mails provide the proper
information on the finest golf clubs.

When you're learning how to compose emails that generate revenue
be certain to address your readers as you would a friend.

Be on topic, polite, and write in a simple to interpret

Always individualize your emails so that your readers get the
feeling of a one on one relationship.

When you're practicing how to compose emails that produce revenue
one of the best things you can do is to make sure you foster
a relationship with your readers.

Building a relationship is of the greatest order when learning
how to compose e-mails that produce revenue.

That is how the real income is being produced.

You can read every article, book, or report accessible on how
to write emails that make money, and you'll see that in
each and every publication, it says about the same
thing as this same article does.

It's all about creating and breeding a close relationship
with your audience and/or subscribers.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

List Building - How To Utilize List Building For Utmost Effectiveness

The earnings are all in the list building my friend. Regardless
what you are attempting to sell on the internet, you want to spend
close to 90% of your time list building.

List building is your primary goal and to gain the utmost results
from your list building campaigns you want to make sure you are
focused in the right direction.

As you have been told, you ought to use list building as a way to
make money and this is true to a certain point.

Although you definitely want solid earnings to come from your list
building efforts, you must realize that turning a profit is
really secondary.

Let me explain...

Your primary goal from list building should be to build up a
relationship with your subscribers.

Without a relationship, you will never be able to monetize your
list building campaigns.

Don't try and go for the direct sale to your prospects.

Make certain you always send them useful, cutting-edge information
that they'll benefit from and can use instantly.

Offer them free gifts occasionally in the form of free content
or reports.

Earn your subscribers confidence by becoming their mentor and somebody they can go to for answers to their problems and questions.

Find products and services that you are able to recommend to them that will give them the solutions they are looking for.

Once you realize that list building centers on creating and nurturing person-to-person relationships, then you'll see your earnings start
to improve.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

List Building And Coregistration - How To Use Coregistration With List Building

Yes in order to make any type of real long term income on
the internet you need to build an opt in list.

Without a list of prospects who are interested in what you
have to offer, you are pretty much "dead in the water".

So how do you build a responsive opt in list of subscribers
who want to receive information on your product or service
and build it quickly?

You simply use "Coregistration".

Coregistration is where you place an ad for your opt in list
along with other related marketers.

Your ad is then shown on a network of websites where visitors
have the choice to join many different types of opt in lists.

If your ad catches the readers eye, they then check the box
next to your listing and enter their name and email address.

Then the Coregistration company sends along the subscriber
information to you or your autoresponder.

You pay for each confirmed opt in.

This price can very from .05 cents to $1.00 or more depending
on the type of subscribers and service you use.

Coregistration can build you an opt in list very quickly and
you can turn that list into profits if you send out valuable
and useful information to the subscribers.

You will also want to send a mix of relevant offers for your
products or services to your list.

Many of the top internet marketers use Coregistration to
build their opt in lists and income, so why not you!

Friday, April 11, 2008

List Building - How To Start List Building From Scratch

Okay - you've know doubt heard that in order to make the
big profits on the internet you need an opt in list.

But for many people just starting out on their internet
business, it can be a chore to know where to get started
with your list building.

One of the best ways to start your list building is by
joining forums and posting to them.

This is really simple and brings in some very responsive
subscribers to add to your opt in list.

There are forums on just about every topic available.

All you have to do is type in a few of your favorite key
words on your topic of interest and you'll find more than
enough forums to keep you busy.

For example, if you're interested in getting people to
join your list that have an interest in "growing the
best tomatoes", then you would do a search for "growing
tomatoes and forums".

Once you find a few that you like, sign up and study how
the people make posts.

Once you feel comfortable enough with posting, you can
then ask questions of other members.

You will also want to answer other questions that have
been posted by fellow members.

This way, you set yourself up as an "expert" in your

At the end of each of your posts, you'll want to add
a signature file.

This is nothing more than an ad that will get the readers
of your posts to visit your website.

Your website should be set up to offer a free report on
your topic.

In return for downloading your free report, your visitors
must give you their first name and email address.

This is called list building and is how you will eventually
turn these subscribers into customers through subsequent
email correspondence and promotion.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Opt In List - How To Quickly Build An Opt In List

It's no secret any longer that in order for you to
ever make the big money online, you need an opt in
list of your own.

Without an opt in list you will fail. It's really
that simple.

So naturally the next questions is, "how do I build
an opt in list"?

There are literally hundreds of ways to build an
opt in list.

But if you want to do it quickly and make the most
use of it starting right now, then there is no better
way of building an opt in list than by simply buying

You can purchase an opt in list on just about any

This is called "Coregistration".

You are charged per email address that is confirmed
and sent to you.

One of the best places to buy opt in lists is by

You will notice that they offer a variety of sections
where you can place a small ad for your list.

Your ad is displayed on a network of like minded
websites and people have to actually check a box and
enter their first name and address.

Then your names and emails are sent directly to you
or to your autoresponder.

You should have a welcome email ready to send to the
new opt in list.

Then send them a few emails containing NOTHING but
useful content.

Don't try to sell to your new opt in list right out
of the gate. That'd be a Big Mistake.

Send at least five emails that contain great content
in the form of articles or special reports.

After this initial "warm up phase" you can start
doing some soft offers to your opt in list.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Start An Ezine - How To Quickly And Easily Start An Ezine

If you want to do business on the internet then you will want
to know how to start an ezine.

An ezine is a must have, money making tool and is the greatest
asset to your profit funnel.

It's really not that difficult to start an ezine and here's
how you can do it quickly and easily.

First you need a topic for your ezine. The topic of your
ezine should have to do with your product line or niche.

For instance, if you have an ebook that shows someone how
to fix a flat tire, then you want to keep your ezine on
the topic of tires.

You will also want a name for your ezine.

The name should have something to do the subject matter of
your ezine.

So, using the flat tire theme, you might want to call your
ezine "Free Tire Care Tips" or something in that vein.

Next you will want to write up a few issues of your ezine
so you can get a "feel" for how it will all come across.

Write up a few 250-500 articles on your subject matter and
save them for later use.

Once you are set up and ready to go, you will want to get
subscribers to your ezine.

Subscribers will eventually become your customers and purchase
products that your recommend.

To get subscribers to your ezine, you will want to write and
submit articles on your topic.

Use a few of the articles you've already prepared.

Submit them to an ezine directory such as

You can also get subscribers by using pay per click advertising
and offering a free report for anyone who signs up.

For the best in pay per click advertising, use
However, be sure you read up on the subject FIRST. You need to
know what you're doing or your costs can skyrocket quickly.

As your ezine grows, so will your profits. Keep on promoting your
ezine for the best results.

Do not forget that when you start an ezine, you are starting
a money making machine. Treat your management of it as such.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Internet Marketing Success - How To Achieve Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing success can be achieved in a short amount of
time if the proper care is taken to devise a plan of attack.

Many times you can find yourself lost in the sea of internet
marketing success stories, due to not following a proven model.

You must have a strategy in place that will help you reach
internet marketing success and the best way to do this is by
following in the foot steps of people who are the leaders in
your niche market.

It is much easier to achieve internet marketing success when you
can learn from someone who has already succeeded at the exact
thing you desire.

Research these people by using the keyword search for your

If you want an internet business that sells golf clubs, then
seek out others who are successfully doing this and learn from

You simply take the best parts from past success stories, drop
the bad, and then simply follow the roadmap.

You can also find mentors or internet marketing success coaches
that can be a big help and steer you in the right direction.

Coaches and mentors are those who have a wide range of experience.

They have learned by trial and error and can help you stay away
from the same mistakes they made.

Internet marketing success will come to you once you learn
that you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Remember that the only person that can stop you from becoming an
internet marketing success is you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Article Marketing - How To Profit From Article Marketing

One of the best ways to advertise your online business is
by using article marketing.

Article marketing can quickly and effectively turn profits
for you in a variety ways.

There are a few good methods that you can implement to make
your article marketing a profitable venture.

For instance, once you have a 250-500 word article ready to
go, make sure that you use a powerful resource box at the
bottom of your article.

This resource box should point your readers to an opt-in
form where they will enter their name and email address in
return for a free report.

When you use article marketing in this manner, you are
building an opt in list of people who are very interested
in what you have to say.

Once you get them on your list, you can still use article
marketing by sending them new and useful content.

Within your article marketing mix, you will want to send
promotions for products or services.

This is the way you make a profit.

To monetize your article marketing efforts, submit articles
to "article directories" such as:

By submitting articles to directories, the search engines
will place you high in the rankings for your specific topic.

You will also want to use article marketing by submitting
your articles to other newsletter publishers.

Publishers are always looking for new and useful content
to send to their readers.

Use to find hundreds of publishers.

Compile a list of 15-30 publishers and send them a nice
email letting them know you have an article that their
readers would really enjoy.

One article ran to 10,000 readers can be very profitable
for you.

Use article marketing to it's fullest potential - it's

Monday, March 31, 2008

Resale Rights - How To Make Money With Resale Rights

One of the easiest ways to get started making money online is
by purchasing resale rights to a product.

When you purchase resale rights, you get to keep all the profits
from sales you make on the product.

Most resale rights come with a certificate that details all the
rules and regulations you have.

An easy way to find products that have resale rights is to do a
search online for the type of product you are looking for and
then add "resale rights" to the end.

There are a few of things you want to look for before you go
and purchase any resale rights for a product.

First, make sure that there is a low limit as to how many resale
rights will be sold.

You do not want to pay for resale rights on a product that will
be resold one thousand times.

If you can find a product that is only allowing one hundred or
so resale rights, then this would be a good investment.

Secondly, make sure you get the entire product and website along
with the resale rights.

All top notch resale rights come with the entire product and

You will also want to be given any prewritten ad copy to help
you sell the product.

Thirdly, you must make sure that product you are purchasing the
resale rights to is up to date and current.

You do not want to waste your money on a product that is three
years old and has been seen by just about anyone and everyone.

Therefore, make sure the product you are buying resale rights for
is fairly new.

Happy reselling!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Private Label Rights - How To Make Money With Private Label Rights

Private label rights, or PLR Products , are one of the very best types of products you can purchase.

Private label rights include the entire resale rights, and the
master resale rights.

Private label rights also have one more huge benefit - you
can actually change and rewrite the content.

You can also add your name to the product as sole owner, creator,
and seller.

When you go to purchase private label rights, you should be given
the product as is, plus be given the master document so you can
make any changes or edit the content as you see fit.

Understand, purchasing private label rights will be somewhat

The price ranges from $297.00 - $1000.00 or more depending on
what is included with the package.

A great benefit to owning private label rights is that it makes you
an instant product owner with the power to control the content.

You could break the product down and sell it in individual reports
or you could put the content on cd and sell it as a physical

You can even resell the private label rights to the edited content
you made.

This makes it a brand new product that you can offer many different
resale rights to.

Make sure that the private label rights come with any and all
websites, graphics, ad copy, source codes, etc.

You can make a great income from just buying the private label rights
to one product if you are unique and find ways of expanding on the
original - so get creative!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Master Resale Rights - How To Make Money With Master Resale Rights

Unlike resale rights where you can only sell the product itself and
keep all profits, with master resale rights, you are also able to
sell the product and the rights for other people to sell it.

With master resale rights your profit potential is actually doubled.

You can make money by selling the product to your customers or you
can offer the complete package to them and allow them to resell the

Master resale rights give you more control on the outcome, and is
usually the better route to look for when purchasing products of
this nature.

To find products that offer master resale rights, you can do a
search for your product topic and include the words "master resale
rights" at the end of the search term.

One thing you will notice when looking for and buying master resale
rights is the cost.

It will always cost you more to purchase master resale than to
purchase plain resale rights.

The reason being that you are actually getting more control of the
content and have a better chance of making more sales.

The same applies to purchasing master resale rights of other resale
type products.

You should always be given all advertising copy, websites, product,
graphics, etc.

You also want to make sure that the person offering master resale
rights is not selling more than one hundred or so.

You do not want to pick a product that has saturated the market and
lose out on the entire deal.

Lastly, you should only choose master resale rights for products that
are very specialized and cannot be found at the local bookstore.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Joint Ventures - How To Make Money With Joint Ventures

No other form of marketing is quite as powerful as using
joint ventures.

Joint ventures are nothing more than two or more like minded
businesses working together to endorse and profit from each
others products.

The truly successful internet marketers use joint ventures
as their number one way of generating a huge monthly income
and you can do the same thing.

In order to start using joint ventures for your own business
you will need to have your own product.

The best type of product to do joint ventures with is simple
information products in the form of ebooks.

You will want to put together a top quality product in order
to attract partners to do your joint ventures with.

A product with a higher price point and higher pay out will
always pull in more joint ventures than a low cost product.

Another thing you will want to do is give away a large portion
of the profits to your joint venture partners.

A good starting point is to pay out a minimum of 50%.

Most good joint ventures pay out 60%-90%, as it is important
to remember that the real profits from doing joint ventures
are in the customer list and back end promotions.

In order to find partners to do joint ventures with, you
will want to search for others who have similar products
as yours.

Not exactly like yours but related to your topic.

Once you find a few potential partners, you should send
them a short email letting them know a little bit about
who you are and why you are contacting them.

Also include a free copy of the product for your potential
joint venture partners to review.

You can use joint ventures to quickly boost your profits
and build a solid customer list very quickly if you are

Friday, March 21, 2008

Joint Venture Marketing - How To Make Money With Joint Venture Marketing

Joint venture marketing is a great way to make money online.

Here's how to utilize it for maximum effectiveness.

Joint venture marketing is where you and another marketer will each
do a cross promotion for one another.

You will recommend your partners product, and he or she will do the same
for you.

You then split the profits.

To make joint venture marketing work for you, you will want to search out
at least 3-5 good joint venture partners per month.

Just look for other people who are selling a similar product to your own,
but not exactly like yours.

Send them a short email asking them if they would be interested in making
some easy money by forming a partnership.

Tell them you have everything ready to go and can provide them with all
the marketing materials they will need to make it as easy possible to
become your joint venture partner.

You should have at least one pre-written ad for them to use, as well as any
other banners, emails, or reviews.

The easier you make it on your potential partner the more money you will
make with joint venture marketing.

Once you have a few partners on board, then you will want to schedule each
joint venture.

Do not send them out all at once.

Try and send out one joint venture per week so your customers will not be
overwhelmed with offers - don't abuse your subscriber list!

Joint venture marketing can generate a huge profit very quickly, and if you
set up three or more per month you will watch your sales and income soar.

So get busy with your joint venture marketing efforts and make some quick

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - How to Make Money with Email Marketing

One of the best ways to make money on the internet is
by using email (not spam) marketing - fact.

When used correctly, email marketing can produce huge
cash profits within a very short period of time.

Here's to how make maximum profits and results each
time you send and email.

You must build a large responsive list of people who
are interested in your topic or product.

To do this, you'll want to offer a free newsletter or

Simply create a small website called a squeeze page.

You'll want a powerful headline to draw interest and

Then you'll want to briefly describe the benefits of
your publication.

Make sure you give your potential subscribers a real
reason to join your newsletter.

Add a sign up box on the website that will capture
the first name and email address.

You can do this by using an autoresponder service such
as TrafficWave

Write up a series of messages welcoming any and all
new sign ups.

These people are your optin list and this is how you
will make money with email marketing.

In your messages, simply talk to your new readers as
you would a friend.

Offer them quality content that they can put to use

As you begin developing a relationship with your new
optin list, you can start making product recommendations
to them in the form of reviews.

Now you need to get actual subscribers to your new
ezine or newsletter.

Here's how to do it.

To actually get subscribers to your new site, you'll
need to get the word out to as many people as you can.

You can do this by writing and submitting articles on
your product topic.

Write up short 300-500 articles on your subject.

Make your articles full of content just like the one
you're reading right now.

You'll put a resource box at the end of your article
that is nothing more than an ad for your free ezine
or newsletter.

You can then submit your article to other publishers
who send out newsletters in your niche or you can
submit your articles to directories such as this one

Be sure to write and submit at least 1 new article per
day so you can start getting a ton of traffic to your
sign up page and build your email marketing list.

This is a proven and very fast way to make money with
email marketing.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Internet Marketing - How To Keep Up To Date With Internet Marketing

When internet marketing was in its early stages, everyone and
everything was exciting and new.

After a few years and as people got more experienced with internet
marketing, things began to change at a rapid pace.

Techniques that were once profitable became obsolete.

Internet marketing changes with each passing day and a tip or
method that worked a couple of months ago, will probably not be
of much use to you today.

Years ago, you could begin internet marketing by placing ads in
newsgroups or free classified sites.

It is just not possible to that any longer as internet marketing
changes rapidly from month to month.

But you can keep up with all the changes and make sure your results
do not suffer.

The easiest way to keep up with internet marketing is by subscribing
to newsletters.

The people who are publishing frequent newsletters on internet
marketing, keep up to date on changes and tell their readers about

You can also keep up on the changes by purchasing the products from
well know and established internet marketing experts.

These people make their living with internet marketing so you can
bet the house that they know exactly what works and what doesn't.

You can also keep up to date by joining the many internet marketing
forums to be found. (ConquerYourNiche, Warrior Forum, etc.)

The people who post to these forums and share information keep a
close watch on trends, fads, and techniques.

Remember that as an internet marketing business owner, you should
always keep up to date and make the changes needed to maximize
your profits.