Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - What Is Bum Marketing?

Have you heard about the latest buzz called bum marketing?

Bum marketing has been all the rage in the last few months and
there is a good reason.

So what is bum marketing?

Bum marketing is a very focused method of Internet Marketing with no advertising cost at all.

Bum marketing is basically writing and submitting highly focused
articles that contain keywords on a certain topic.

Just like the article you are reading right now.

Say you have a product that shows someone how to make quilts and
you want to promote the product, but you just do not have the
money to do so.

All you do is go to and do a search for little
used keyword terms for quilting.

You want to put quotes around your search term so you can get
exact phrase matching results.

For instance, you could seach for the keyword "free quilting tips"
and you will see how many times that keyword was searched for.

The heart of bum marketing lies when you find a keyword that has
a good search results and few if any google adwords.

Then using bum marketing you can write up short 250-300 word articles that contain the search phrase.

When writing your articles for bum marketing you should try and use
the keyword phrase in the first and second paragraphs and then about
5-7 more times througout the article.

In the resource box at the end of your article, you will put a link
to your website so the readers will click onto your product page.

After you submit your bum marketing articles to a few article directories the search engines will index your article on keyword density and rank you high in the searches for your keywords.

Bum marketing is a great no cost way to make money on the internet. Give it a try.

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