Monday, March 24, 2008

Joint Ventures - How To Make Money With Joint Ventures

No other form of marketing is quite as powerful as using
joint ventures.

Joint ventures are nothing more than two or more like minded
businesses working together to endorse and profit from each
others products.

The truly successful internet marketers use joint ventures
as their number one way of generating a huge monthly income
and you can do the same thing.

In order to start using joint ventures for your own business
you will need to have your own product.

The best type of product to do joint ventures with is simple
information products in the form of ebooks.

You will want to put together a top quality product in order
to attract partners to do your joint ventures with.

A product with a higher price point and higher pay out will
always pull in more joint ventures than a low cost product.

Another thing you will want to do is give away a large portion
of the profits to your joint venture partners.

A good starting point is to pay out a minimum of 50%.

Most good joint ventures pay out 60%-90%, as it is important
to remember that the real profits from doing joint ventures
are in the customer list and back end promotions.

In order to find partners to do joint ventures with, you
will want to search for others who have similar products
as yours.

Not exactly like yours but related to your topic.

Once you find a few potential partners, you should send
them a short email letting them know a little bit about
who you are and why you are contacting them.

Also include a free copy of the product for your potential
joint venture partners to review.

You can use joint ventures to quickly boost your profits
and build a solid customer list very quickly if you are

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