Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Top 3 Ways For Maximum Traffic Generation

It goes without saying that if you have a website
then you need to send traffic to it in order to be

Traffic generation is the life blood of your internet

Without traffic your website would sit in limbo - an
empty unused vessel with no potential at all.

What follows are the best methods of traffic generation.
Some are free others are paid.

Traffic Generation Tip #1 - Write and submit articles.

This is the best free way of traffic generation and you
should write and submit as many articles per day as you
possibly can.

If you can do one per day great. If you can do 10 per
day that is amazing and will produce great results.

Your articles only need to be 250-500 words in length.

Make sure they are relevant to your topic and not an
advertisement or you will not get them published.

Traffic Generation Tip #2 - Post to forums.

Using forums is another great free form of traffic
generation and will send highly targeted visitors to your

You need to post to as many forums as you can each day.

Make it a habit to post to as many forums as you can and
make your posts top notch, relevant, and helpful.

Become a friend to all on the forums. Do not forget to
ask questions also.

Forums have the ability to send a ton of quality traffic
if you use them consistently.

Traffic Generation Tip #3 - Use Pay per click advertising.

This form of traffic generation is not free and to be
honest can be down right expensive.

When you use pay per click for traffic generation, make
sure your key words are highly targeted.

Laser targeted key words are the way to go.

Never use vague key words for your campaign or you will
simply end up spending a ton of money and get little or
no results.

Pay per click advertising has the ability to be a powerful
traffic generator but should be used with the utmost care.

By using all of the above methods of traffic generation, you
should see a big jump in activity at your website.

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