Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Article Marketing - How To Profit From Article Marketing

One of the best ways to advertise your online business is
by using article marketing.

Article marketing can quickly and effectively turn profits
for you in a variety ways.

There are a few good methods that you can implement to make
your article marketing a profitable venture.

For instance, once you have a 250-500 word article ready to
go, make sure that you use a powerful resource box at the
bottom of your article.

This resource box should point your readers to an opt-in
form where they will enter their name and email address in
return for a free report.

When you use article marketing in this manner, you are
building an opt in list of people who are very interested
in what you have to say.

Once you get them on your list, you can still use article
marketing by sending them new and useful content.

Within your article marketing mix, you will want to send
promotions for products or services.

This is the way you make a profit.

To monetize your article marketing efforts, submit articles
to "article directories" such as:

By submitting articles to directories, the search engines
will place you high in the rankings for your specific topic.

You will also want to use article marketing by submitting
your articles to other newsletter publishers.

Publishers are always looking for new and useful content
to send to their readers.

Use to find hundreds of publishers.

Compile a list of 15-30 publishers and send them a nice
email letting them know you have an article that their
readers would really enjoy.

One article ran to 10,000 readers can be very profitable
for you.

Use article marketing to it's fullest potential - it's

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