Friday, February 27, 2009

Need Some Online Marketing Help?

Especially when just starting out in the world of online marketing, most people run into the same common problem:

How the heck do I _____ (fill in the blank)?

It can be not only frustrating but very time consuming to figure out the answers to these types of questions. I know that in my case it was also very expensive trying to 'figure it out'.

Yes, there are many ebooks out there - just Google 'internet marketing' if you don't believe me - but many of them leave out the critical information you need to get actual, measurable results.

Another option is to seek out professional counseling in your attempt to get online marketing help. This is normally a pay-by-the-hour setup or possibly an email or 2 of instruction per week.

While it certainly helps to get pointed in the right direction by an internet marketing 'guru' - provided their motives are honest - it can also be extremely expensive online marketing help when all is said and done.

But there is another option that has recently become available in the marketplace...

What if you had access to the best ebooks on the market, authored by proven experts with proven results and a mountain of 'in the trenches' knowledge?

What if you had PERSONAL access to these experts in an environment where you could ask them any question you needed answered, right online, and the answer would be directed at you PERSONALLY in the form of an audio clip and a link to further downloadable information?

Would that be valuable online marketing help?

Certainly it would...

That service is here, right now, and available to you at a fraction of it's real-market value.

I'm talking pocket change here...

If you're really serious about succeeding online and getting the personalized online marketing help you need to cut through all the crap and save loads of time and money, then you need to visit this link immediately.

It's by far the best investment in my online marketing future that I've ever made, bar none.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Say Goodbye To Google?

by Harvey Segal

You read that right.

I've told Google to push off.

Stop spidering me.

I no longer want my online business to depend on its ever
changing whims as to what makes a good or bad ranking.

I don't want to spend time collecting thousands of
backward links then find that they are probably worthless
because the anchor text does not contain a suitable
keyword, or the site does not have sufficient page rank,
or whatever the latest algorithm is.

I don't want to buy expensive cloaking tools and run the
risk of penalization.

I don't want to be bothered about whether a domain has a
static or dynamic IP address or have to use different
hosts to make a network of minisites.

What's that you say? You don't need fancy tricks - just
provide good relevant content.

My answer?


I have a huge content site devoted solely to ClickBank,
the only one of its kind.

If you wanted to find the most relevant content for a
search on the keyword 'ClickBank' don't you think that
would be at the top?

Well Google used to agree with you.

It was ranked number 2, with only itself at
number one.

Today it is ranked ... wait for it ... number 426.

It is beaten out of sight by sites which have nothing to
do with ClickBank but happen to mention that keyword once.

I asked a search engine expert about this and he suggested
that it was due to keyword density, in other words too
many mentions of the word ClickBank.

Well that has to be the case - the site is after all a
'Complete Guide to ClickBank'

His advice - try replacing the word ClickBank occasionally
e.g. use 'CB'.

No way.

That was the last straw and became the inspiration for me
to develop a revolutionary approach to getting traffic.

It led to me being called 'The Guru who said goodbye to
Google' in the marketing forums.

And this new approach?

It uses some of the fundamental pillars of Internet
marketing that you already know - techniques which will
never become obsolete.

But they are combined together in a new way and with a
viral twist that you won't have seen before.

It includes giving out free information in a certain way
and I show you how exactly in my book, The Ultimate

And just to illustrate the principle: the book is free
and you can reproduce this article and change the URL to
point to your own rebranded version.

Read the amazing book which took the Internet by storm at The Ultimate SuperTip resource center.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Sell Things Online - A Free Guide to Online Selling

I know what you're thinking - yet another guide to selling things online (i.e. online marketing), right?

That's what I thought as well, until I read this free ebook and found out it's the real deal.

Did I mention it was free? Yep, and you won't even be asked for any contact information - imagine that!

This guide to selling things online was written by a very successful online marketer and Clickbank master seller. It lays out in very simple terms how to sell any product online, in any market, and sell it more effectively.

If you sell things online AT ALL, you can't afford to be without this valuable knowledge. You'll kick yourself later if you decide to hold off on this.

I predict it will become very's that good.

It presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will NEVER become obsolete. Just solid marketing information and strategies to put online selling into action.

Plus an ingenious twist which will send your traffic rocketing...

If you really want to earn money while online, go here now to read about it and download for free:

==> How to Sell Things Online

You'll be glad you did - and besides, you've got nothing (but time) to lose.