Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bum Marketing Method - Bum Marketing Exposed Part II

Continuing my post from yesterday, here are some tips for
finding success using the bum marketing method.

If you are searching for key words on "acne cures" using
the bum marketing method you might want to search for
"acne cure tips" and you will find about 145 searches were
done for that key word phrase but there are no articles in
the top 10 google results for that term -- a good sign.

Next you will want to write up a simple 250-300 word article
that contains the key word phrase "acne cure tips".

When using the bum marketing method try and put the keyword
within the article atleast 7-9 times for maximum results.

You should place the key word in the title of your article
as well as in the first and second paragraph.

Then make sure your article contains useful content on your
key word topic and is not just an ad for your product.

Use a resource box at the bottom of your article that will
direct the readers to your product page.

With the bum marketing method, your resource box will be
nothing more than a three to five line classified ad for
the product.

You will then want to search for a few article directories
to submit your article to.

One of the best article directories for the bum marketing
method is

You can find more by searching for "article directories"

You will want to try and write three articles per day for
the key words on your product topic in order for the bum
marketing method to give you maximum results.

Submit the articles to a few article directories and watch the
traffic and sales start to come in.

The bum marketing method does work and has been proven
over and over again.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bum Marketing Method - Bum Marketing Exposed Part I

The bum marketing method is the latest round of new ways
of doing an old trick.

With the bum marketing method, you can make money online
without spending any money on advertising, which in return
will make your profit margins larger.

The bum marketing method is set up so even the most
inexperienced person can put it to use and start seeing
a jump in sales.

One thing you will notice from the start with the bum
marketing method is that it will take some patience to
see the results.

The bum marketing method is a long term investment that
can and WILL pay off in the long run.

Here is how you can start using the bum marketing method
within a couple of hours and start making some profits.

First, you will want to find a product to sell.

The best products to use for the bum marketing method are
information products.

You can find thousands of different information products
to use with the bum marketing method at

You can sign up as an affiliate for free and get paid
every two weeks for any sales you make using the bum
marketing advertising methods.

Once you have found a few products and joined the affiliate
program, you will want to search out some solid, little
used key words.

To do this, you simply think up key words that people
might use to find the product.


Then add quotes around the key word phrase, as this will give
you the exact match results.

Stay tuned for part II of this post...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Article Marketing And List Building For Success

Out of all the ways to build an opt in list of susbscribers,
article marketing has to be one of the best.

Why is it the best? Actually there are many reasons why
article marketing is great for list building.

Some of them are:

1 - Writing articles doesn't cost you any money. However it
does cost you time.

But the good thing is, once you start writing articles, your
abilities improve and you can crank out 10 or more per day.

The more articles you write, the more traffic and subscribers
you receive.

2 - Article marketing builds a very responsive list of
subscribers who have already shown interest in your niche.

By taking the time to read your article, click to your web
site, and enter their name and email address, these people will
be more responsive to your offers and emails.

As long as your give them useful information mixed in with
great products, your profits will soar.

3 - Articles produce a sense of trust in the reader. After
reading an original article that you've written, it's as
though you have personally sat down with the reader and
talked with them one on one.

Building trust is a key element in your list building

If your subscribers do not trust you, they simply will not
respond to you or purchase from you.

That is why your articles must be written as if you were
simply talking to a friend about your topic. Just like the
article you are reading right now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Affiliate Marketing...3 Fool Proof Steps

A very quick way to get started making money on the
internet is with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply advertising products
that you do not own and get a percentage of each
sale you refer.

Getting started is very simple.

Step #1 - Pick a product. Since you don't need your
own product, you'll have to have access to as many
different topics or products as you can.

The best place to find products to promote is by visiting

Sign up as an affiliate. It's free.

Then visit the ClickBank Market Place where you'll
find hundreds of information products on a variety
of subjects.

Pick a topic and product that gets you excited.

Visit the sales page or website for your choice and
sign up as an affiliate.

The affiliate signup link can normally be found near
the bottom of the product website.

Sometimes you'll find the signup link at the top right
hand site.

The link usually says "affiliates" or "make money".

The very best websites and affiliate progams will have
pre-written ads, keywords, banners, etc.

Ideally you'll want to find a product that pays out
at least 50% or more on each sale.

Step #2 - Now that you've got a product, you'll want
to start getting the word out to as many people as
possible, and this is how you'll make money with
affiliate marketing.

You can setup an account with google adwords over at

What you'll do is write up a tiny, powerful ad that
google will show in the paid search section. Ideally,
your chosen product will have these ads already pre-
written for you.

You then compile a list of highly targeted keywords
on your product topic.

Keywords are nothing more than search terms your
potential customer will use to find information on
the subject or your product.

Having laser targeted keywords is crucial to making money
with affiliate marketing using this method.

Your ad should be short, powerful, and create desire.

You're bids should be kept as low as possible as to not
lose alot of money while trying to make a profit.

Also remember to keep your daily ad budget set low when
you're first starting out.

This way you can test your ads, keywords, product, etc.

Once you find a product that will produce at least a one
percent sales rate(1 for every 100 targeted visitors)
you can then raise your bids, find new keywords, write and
test new ads, etc.

To really make money with google adwords, you'll want
to consistently repeat this process for other products
you find.

Keep adding to your product portfolio and watch your
profits soar!

Step #3 - Start a blog. You can start a simple blog
and do reviews of the products you chose.

You can start a blog for free at

People love reviews. Good or bad you can still make
sales with affiliate marketing as long as you're not
giving reviews that are dishonest.

You can research for other reviews on your product
topic, or look for articles to post to your blog.

Then include your affiliate link to send your blog readers
to the sales site of the product(s).

If they buy, you make money.

The above 3 steps will help you start making some sales
with your affiliate marketing.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 2008 Massive Free Traffic Quest

Well, in keeping with my annual tradition I've decided to make some New Year's resolutions. Among the list of "usual suspects" like getting healthier, losing a few pounds, etc. I've also made some pretty aggressive goals for my online business.

One of these goals is this....I resolve to create Massive Free Traffic to this blog -- and for a few reasons:

#1 - I have spent hours researching the resources and creating the posts for this blog, and I truly feel that the information provided here is of benefit to others interested in marketing online. Therefore, I'd like as many people as possible to be exposed to this blog.

#2 - I'm obviously committed to building a thriving online business and the key to all forms of marketing is massive numbers of people being exposed to your offer(s). The great thing about blogging, however, is that you get to provide useful content to your audience as part of the marketing process, rather than simply clubbing folks over the head with "sales information".

#3 - I'm always up for a good challenge, and creating something from nothing is always a good one. Since I refuse to pay for traffic, I realize that I'll need to provide consistent quality content, in addition to utilizing creative online traffic generation methods, in order to create the desired traffic to this blog.

So, here is the action plan to achieve the desired result...

First, I will continue to regularly post the best information I can provide regarding online marketing and income generation methods.

Secondly, I will be utilizing as many traffic generation methods as possible. Many of these will come directly from information learned over the past year or so. Probably the best traffic guide I've come across recently is Michelle MacPhearson's Social Media Daily and I will using many if not all of her methods here.

I will be posting my traffic stats on a weekly basis, so there will be a nice time trail left with regards to what is working -- and how well. As I implement new methods, I will post them so that new and returning visitors will have a "free traffic generation" path laid out for them.

Again, it's all about providing Good Content...

As an initial baseline, here are my traffic stats for the previous week:

Obviously not lighting the world on fire, but it's a starting point. Now it's time to get to work.

Thus far I've been posting regularly, submitting to directories at VileSilencer as well as QUIT, and I've created an account at AboutUs.

Today, I will be creating an account at DayTipper and posting a tip there as well.

So, the quest has begun. Stay tuned for weekly updates - and come back often.

I've been told that the only way to eat an elephant (i.e. Massive Free Traffic) is one bite at a time.

I have my fork in hand....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Unique Way To Make Money Online

There are hundreds of different ways for you to make money

One of the more unique ways to make money online is with has thousands of different products to choose
from. And the best part is, you don't have to carry any of the

You can sign up as an associate at their website by going

One of the best way to make money online with this method is by
writing and submitting articles.

All you have to do is put together 300-500 word articles for
the products of your choice.

Make your articles informative and useful. You don't want
your article to be an ad for the product.

The best way to do it is by writing a review on the

To be effective you'll want to write at least 3-5 articles
on one product at a time to generate interest in that paticular

Then you can submit them at

Pick 10 products and then write up the articles for the

You can research the products online and find all the
information you'll need to come up with a few articles in no
time at all.

At the end of your article, you'll want to place what is
called a "resource box".

This is nothing more than a small ad for whatever product
you're writing about.

Just include your affiliate link to the product in the resource box
and you're ready to go.

When people read your article, they'll see you're resource
box and click, leading them to the product sales site.

If they purchase it, you make a sale, and a nice commission.

This is an easy way to make money online and can be started up
right away with no money out of your pocket - a beautiful

Give this a try and you'll see how cool it is to be able
to make money online using this method.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Unique Way To Get Free Ezine Adertising

One of the best no cost ways to get exposure for your
product or website is with free ezine advertising.

Free ezine advertising can save you hundreds of dollars
on your budget and at the same time actually increase
your profits.

One of the best ways of getting free ezine advertising
is to write up a review on a product that you own or
one that you are an affiliate for.

Once you've got a product, simply write out the best
and worst, or the good and the bad that the product
has to offer. Be sincere and honest.

Do not make the review an advertisment for the product
but make it useful in content.

Write your review like you would write to a friend.
Include tips, bullet points, words of wisdom, etc, to
give your readers credible information they can use in
their decision to purchase.

At then end of your review, place a resource box that
contains a short ad about the product and the link to
the website.

Once you've completed the review, you can search for
ezines that deal with your subject matter by going over

There you will find thousands of ezines on just as many

Ezine publishers are constantly looking for new and
useful content so they can publish it to their readers.

This is why free ezine advertising is powerful.

Compile a list of 25-30 ezines that target your product
review. Write a short email to them letting them know who you
are and what your review is all about.

Tell them they can publish your review for free as long
as they keep the content in exact order.

You'll be amazed at how fast some publishers will take
you up on your offer.

As an added benefit to them and to boost your free ezine
advertising you can set them up with their own affiliate
link and if or when they publish the review, they can
split profits with you.

Give this a try to get the most out of your free ezine

Friday, January 4, 2008

A Simple Method to Make Money on the Internet

What you're about to read is a simple, proven method
to make money on the internet.

First you'll want to visit and
enter the "ClickBank Market Place".

You'll notice many different product catagories.

These are all downloadable information which is the
best way to make money on the internet if you're thinking

Find a product in a niche you find exciting.

You'll notice you can sign up as an affiliate for
your chosen product and will earn a percentage of
each sale you make.

It's free to sign up and you'll be paid every two
weeks by clickbank for all sales made.

Second, once you've chosen a product, you'll want
to study the salesletter and website.

If you can afford it, purchase the product and go
through it.

But you don't need to buy the product to be able to
make money on the internet selling it.

Gather as much useful information on the product as
you can. Do a search on and read other reviews
of the product.

Once you've compiled this information, you'll want
to write up an article.

The article you write should contain a great review
of your chosen product, or you can write an article
that has to do with topic of your product.

You're article must be a review or "how-to" style
just like the article you're reading now.

Just make sure the article is not an ad and that it
is short, to the point, and around 350-500 words.

At the end of your article, place a 4-5 line resource
box which is nothing more than an ad for the very
product you're writing about.

Make sure you place your affiliate link in the box
so you get paid for any sales that come through.

Third, once you've finished the article, you then
want to submit it to a bunch of article directories.

You can find dozens of them by searching google with
the term "article directories".

Your article will end up on the internet and read
by many people who are interested in your topic.

After they read your article, they will see your
resource box, read the ad and click your affiliate

If they like the product, and buy, you get a sales

Try writing at least one article per day on your
topic and submitting it to as many directories as

This is a very simple, no cost way to make money on
the internet.