Monday, June 9, 2008

Article Marketing - The #1 Use For Using Article Marketing

If you're looking for a great free advertising source then
look no further than article marketing.

Article marketing is the best way you are going to find for
free advertising.

Not only is article marketing a great, no cost way of promoting
a product or service but there's another benefit that shouldn't
be over looked.

You also brand yourself as an expert in your field or topic
that your article is about.

To make the most out of your article marketing efforts you
should make your articles between 250-500 words long.

Fill your articles with great, useful content.

Make sure your article is stuffed with a solution to a
problem your reader can relate to.

Just like the article you are reading right now is giving you the
best ways to use article marketing for maximum results.

Don't try to sell anything within the article itself.

You do the selling in your resource box at the end of your

Your resource box is nothing more than an eye catching
advertisement for your product or service.

You should make your resource box ad compelling enough to
make the reader click to your website so you can either
sell them a product or collect their name and email
address for future follow up.

Once you have your article written, spell checked, and ready
to go, you will want to submit it to an article directory.

One of the best directories is

You will want to write and submit atleast 1 article per day
for the best results when using article marketing.

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