Tuesday, April 22, 2008

List Building And Article Marketing - List Building And Article Marketing For Beginners

Article marketing is one of the best ways to generate
traffic to your website, plus you can build an opt in
list, which is the all important task for your online

First of all, it's very easy to get started, all you need
to do is begin writing short articles that are related to
your topic.

The best type of article should be around 250-300 words
in length and offer useful content to your reader just
like the one you are reading right now.

If you keep your articles short, you can write many more
in a shorter amount of time.

Also, if you have an article that is around 600 words, break
it up into two parts. This way you get two articles for the
time it takes to create one.

Make sure you put a link at the end of your article that
leads your reader to your website where you will offer
some type of free gift in return for their name and
email address.

This is how you will build your all important opt in list.

Then submit your articles to the top 5 article directories.

For the best results, you should try to write and submit
5 articles per day to each of the top 5 article directories

A big mistake that beginning article marketers make is to think
that writing only 5 articles will be enough.

It takes many articles to gain maximum results and to build a
good opt in list.

Start with ezinearticles.com ... then do a google search for
"top article directories" to get a list of directories to
submit your articles to.

Now...get into action!

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