Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Opt In List - How To Quickly Build An Opt In List

It's no secret any longer that in order for you to
ever make the big money online, you need an opt in
list of your own.

Without an opt in list you will fail. It's really
that simple.

So naturally the next questions is, "how do I build
an opt in list"?

There are literally hundreds of ways to build an
opt in list.

But if you want to do it quickly and make the most
use of it starting right now, then there is no better
way of building an opt in list than by simply buying

You can purchase an opt in list on just about any

This is called "Coregistration".

You are charged per email address that is confirmed
and sent to you.

One of the best places to buy opt in lists is by

You will notice that they offer a variety of sections
where you can place a small ad for your list.

Your ad is displayed on a network of like minded
websites and people have to actually check a box and
enter their first name and address.

Then your names and emails are sent directly to you
or to your autoresponder.

You should have a welcome email ready to send to the
new opt in list.

Then send them a few emails containing NOTHING but
useful content.

Don't try to sell to your new opt in list right out
of the gate. That'd be a Big Mistake.

Send at least five emails that contain great content
in the form of articles or special reports.

After this initial "warm up phase" you can start
doing some soft offers to your opt in list.

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