Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Website Traffic Series #1

Welcome to the first installment of the website traffic series.

I've decided to begin a series of posts that will address the issue
of generating targeted website traffic, which we all know is THE
key factor facing not only internet marketers, but anyone doing
business on the web.

If you don't have the knowledge and ability to drive lots of visitors
to your website, it doesn't really matter how great your content,
pricing, etc. is......nobody will get the opportunity to see it.

Consequently, if nobody is visiting your website it will be virtually impossible for you to make money online.

Can you imagine a standard brick and mortar business opening up and doing no advertising to drive potential customers to their store?

Of course not...

That is essentially what traffic generation methods accomplish. The methods you use are forms of advertising that drive visitors to your website, which then gives you the opportunity to present your offer(s), whatever they may be.

So let's begin exploring the many options you have of driving targeted website traffic to your particular site on the web.

Increase Website Traffic - Method #1 -- Provide High Quality, Unique Content

This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many marketers forget this critical element.

The web is cluttered with low-quality, "also-ran" websites that provide little, if any, useful information to the visitor.

Set yourself apart by creating high-quality, useful, keyword-rich content that will be easy for web surfers, and more importantly the search engines, to find.

As you progress, the search engines will consider you a more valued and trusted site, as compared to others in your niche or category.

Also, as visitors come to value the content you produce they will naturally want to share the information with their friends and business audience. This will lead to those highly valuable one-way links to your site, and they'll often do this without being prompted to do so - they simply want to share a valuable resource.

Keep in mind as you create your content that if you can in some way solve some type of problem or situation that someone else has, they will love you for it, return again, and share your website with others.

See you soon with another tip to help you increase your website traffic.

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