Monday, May 12, 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - Offline Marketing For Easy Online Profits

Today, you are going to discover three super ways to
advertise your Online business "Offline" and keep the
online profit rolling.

The main point you must remember is this...

Yes, you have an online business, but you do not have
to limit yourself and your business to just this one
medium of advertising.

The key to any successful business is to diversify, and
one way to do this is by finding other advertising
outlets and continue reaping the profits.

So lets move on and see just how you can do this...

#1 Newspaper advertising

Without a doubt newspapers will never go away. Even with
the popularity of email people still like to pick up their
trusty ink rag and give it a good read.

Newspaper advertising can be a very inexpensive way to
bring in fresh leads to your website.

Simply use the "classified ad" section in the back of
your local paper.

Place a small ad pertaining to your Online business
and then insert your webpage address(URL) instead of your
address or phone number.

I have run many profitable newspaper campaigns and I can
tell you that they work!

For a great listing of inexpensive newspapers to place
your ads, try

#2 Magazines

The power of a good magazine ad is undeniable.

While this form of offline advertising may be a bit
more expensive, the numbers you can do with magazine
ads are incredible.

With this type of Offline advertising you want to do
the same as you would with a newspaper.

Place a small classified in the back of the
publication and insert your webpage address(URL).

There are hundreds of magazines covering a wide range
of subjects.

Just go down to your favorite newsstand or bookstore
and pick up a few that pertain to your Online

Look in the back at the classifieds. Find out the
price and place an ad!

#3 Tabloids

Yes the National Enquirer, The Star, etc.

These gossip rags reach millions of readers and are a
great way to test a small classified for just about
any type of product or service.

They have reasonable rates and are well worth checking
in to.

One campaign I ran in "The Star" made me well over a
$5,000 profit!

Hey, you can probably find one these bad boys laying
around at your mother-in-laws house. :-)

Anyway, the above 3 offline marketing mediums should
not be overlooked.

Remember to keep your classified ads short and to the

Try keeping them to 10-15 words maximum.

Let your webpage do the selling.

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