Thursday, April 24, 2008

List Building - List Building Is A Numbers Game

Building an opt in list simply means getting as
many targeted leads as you possibly can - for the
least amount of cost.

The more leads you add to your opt in list the
better your chances of making a profit.

Many top internet experts agree that you should
be able to profit at a minimum of .50 to one
dollar per subscriber on your main list and as
much as $8.00 to $10.00 per subscriber on your
customer list.

Your main list is considered your "warm list",
meaning the subscribers have raised their hand
and shown interest on your topic.

By sending them quality information and offers
over time, they will purchase from you.

This is your "customer list".

Your customer list is your "bread and butter
list". This list is full of proven buyers who
have actually spent money on a product or
service on your topic.

This list is gold and should be treated as such.

Be very selective with your offers to this list
and it will send you profits forever.

Simple math will show that having 3000 subscribers
on your main list should yield you around $1500.00
to $3000.00.

While your customer list if you've got 300 proven
buyers should profit at between $2400.00 and
$3000.00 per month.

If by chance you are not getting the above the numbers
with your opt in list, you need to take a closer
look at your subscribers and niche.

List building is nothing more than numbers and the
more subscribers you add, the more money you make.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

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