Thursday, April 24, 2008

List Building - List Building Is A Numbers Game

Building an opt in list simply means getting as
many targeted leads as you possibly can - for the
least amount of cost.

The more leads you add to your opt in list the
better your chances of making a profit.

Many top internet experts agree that you should
be able to profit at a minimum of .50 to one
dollar per subscriber on your main list and as
much as $8.00 to $10.00 per subscriber on your
customer list.

Your main list is considered your "warm list",
meaning the subscribers have raised their hand
and shown interest on your topic.

By sending them quality information and offers
over time, they will purchase from you.

This is your "customer list".

Your customer list is your "bread and butter
list". This list is full of proven buyers who
have actually spent money on a product or
service on your topic.

This list is gold and should be treated as such.

Be very selective with your offers to this list
and it will send you profits forever.

Simple math will show that having 3000 subscribers
on your main list should yield you around $1500.00
to $3000.00.

While your customer list if you've got 300 proven
buyers should profit at between $2400.00 and
$3000.00 per month.

If by chance you are not getting the above the numbers
with your opt in list, you need to take a closer
look at your subscribers and niche.

List building is nothing more than numbers and the
more subscribers you add, the more money you make.

Simple. Simple. Simple.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

List Building And Article Marketing - List Building And Article Marketing For Beginners

Article marketing is one of the best ways to generate
traffic to your website, plus you can build an opt in
list, which is the all important task for your online

First of all, it's very easy to get started, all you need
to do is begin writing short articles that are related to
your topic.

The best type of article should be around 250-300 words
in length and offer useful content to your reader just
like the one you are reading right now.

If you keep your articles short, you can write many more
in a shorter amount of time.

Also, if you have an article that is around 600 words, break
it up into two parts. This way you get two articles for the
time it takes to create one.

Make sure you put a link at the end of your article that
leads your reader to your website where you will offer
some type of free gift in return for their name and
email address.

This is how you will build your all important opt in list.

Then submit your articles to the top 5 article directories.

For the best results, you should try to write and submit
5 articles per day to each of the top 5 article directories

A big mistake that beginning article marketers make is to think
that writing only 5 articles will be enough.

It takes many articles to gain maximum results and to build a
good opt in list.

Start with ... then do a google search for
"top article directories" to get a list of directories to
submit your articles to.

Now...get into action!

Friday, April 18, 2008

How To Write Emails - How To Write Emails That Produce Revenue

To really make money online, you need to know how to compose emails.

If you don't know how to compose emails effectively then
your chances of making money are very restricted.

Learning how to compose emails that generate income is not hard
it just calls for practice.

For starters, you must recognize what your audience needs.

If they're searching for information on the finest golf clubs
then you want to make certain your e-mails provide the proper
information on the finest golf clubs.

When you're learning how to compose emails that generate revenue
be certain to address your readers as you would a friend.

Be on topic, polite, and write in a simple to interpret

Always individualize your emails so that your readers get the
feeling of a one on one relationship.

When you're practicing how to compose emails that produce revenue
one of the best things you can do is to make sure you foster
a relationship with your readers.

Building a relationship is of the greatest order when learning
how to compose e-mails that produce revenue.

That is how the real income is being produced.

You can read every article, book, or report accessible on how
to write emails that make money, and you'll see that in
each and every publication, it says about the same
thing as this same article does.

It's all about creating and breeding a close relationship
with your audience and/or subscribers.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

List Building - How To Utilize List Building For Utmost Effectiveness

The earnings are all in the list building my friend. Regardless
what you are attempting to sell on the internet, you want to spend
close to 90% of your time list building.

List building is your primary goal and to gain the utmost results
from your list building campaigns you want to make sure you are
focused in the right direction.

As you have been told, you ought to use list building as a way to
make money and this is true to a certain point.

Although you definitely want solid earnings to come from your list
building efforts, you must realize that turning a profit is
really secondary.

Let me explain...

Your primary goal from list building should be to build up a
relationship with your subscribers.

Without a relationship, you will never be able to monetize your
list building campaigns.

Don't try and go for the direct sale to your prospects.

Make certain you always send them useful, cutting-edge information
that they'll benefit from and can use instantly.

Offer them free gifts occasionally in the form of free content
or reports.

Earn your subscribers confidence by becoming their mentor and somebody they can go to for answers to their problems and questions.

Find products and services that you are able to recommend to them that will give them the solutions they are looking for.

Once you realize that list building centers on creating and nurturing person-to-person relationships, then you'll see your earnings start
to improve.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

List Building And Coregistration - How To Use Coregistration With List Building

Yes in order to make any type of real long term income on
the internet you need to build an opt in list.

Without a list of prospects who are interested in what you
have to offer, you are pretty much "dead in the water".

So how do you build a responsive opt in list of subscribers
who want to receive information on your product or service
and build it quickly?

You simply use "Coregistration".

Coregistration is where you place an ad for your opt in list
along with other related marketers.

Your ad is then shown on a network of websites where visitors
have the choice to join many different types of opt in lists.

If your ad catches the readers eye, they then check the box
next to your listing and enter their name and email address.

Then the Coregistration company sends along the subscriber
information to you or your autoresponder.

You pay for each confirmed opt in.

This price can very from .05 cents to $1.00 or more depending
on the type of subscribers and service you use.

Coregistration can build you an opt in list very quickly and
you can turn that list into profits if you send out valuable
and useful information to the subscribers.

You will also want to send a mix of relevant offers for your
products or services to your list.

Many of the top internet marketers use Coregistration to
build their opt in lists and income, so why not you!

Friday, April 11, 2008

List Building - How To Start List Building From Scratch

Okay - you've know doubt heard that in order to make the
big profits on the internet you need an opt in list.

But for many people just starting out on their internet
business, it can be a chore to know where to get started
with your list building.

One of the best ways to start your list building is by
joining forums and posting to them.

This is really simple and brings in some very responsive
subscribers to add to your opt in list.

There are forums on just about every topic available.

All you have to do is type in a few of your favorite key
words on your topic of interest and you'll find more than
enough forums to keep you busy.

For example, if you're interested in getting people to
join your list that have an interest in "growing the
best tomatoes", then you would do a search for "growing
tomatoes and forums".

Once you find a few that you like, sign up and study how
the people make posts.

Once you feel comfortable enough with posting, you can
then ask questions of other members.

You will also want to answer other questions that have
been posted by fellow members.

This way, you set yourself up as an "expert" in your

At the end of each of your posts, you'll want to add
a signature file.

This is nothing more than an ad that will get the readers
of your posts to visit your website.

Your website should be set up to offer a free report on
your topic.

In return for downloading your free report, your visitors
must give you their first name and email address.

This is called list building and is how you will eventually
turn these subscribers into customers through subsequent
email correspondence and promotion.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Opt In List - How To Quickly Build An Opt In List

It's no secret any longer that in order for you to
ever make the big money online, you need an opt in
list of your own.

Without an opt in list you will fail. It's really
that simple.

So naturally the next questions is, "how do I build
an opt in list"?

There are literally hundreds of ways to build an
opt in list.

But if you want to do it quickly and make the most
use of it starting right now, then there is no better
way of building an opt in list than by simply buying

You can purchase an opt in list on just about any

This is called "Coregistration".

You are charged per email address that is confirmed
and sent to you.

One of the best places to buy opt in lists is by

You will notice that they offer a variety of sections
where you can place a small ad for your list.

Your ad is displayed on a network of like minded
websites and people have to actually check a box and
enter their first name and address.

Then your names and emails are sent directly to you
or to your autoresponder.

You should have a welcome email ready to send to the
new opt in list.

Then send them a few emails containing NOTHING but
useful content.

Don't try to sell to your new opt in list right out
of the gate. That'd be a Big Mistake.

Send at least five emails that contain great content
in the form of articles or special reports.

After this initial "warm up phase" you can start
doing some soft offers to your opt in list.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Start An Ezine - How To Quickly And Easily Start An Ezine

If you want to do business on the internet then you will want
to know how to start an ezine.

An ezine is a must have, money making tool and is the greatest
asset to your profit funnel.

It's really not that difficult to start an ezine and here's
how you can do it quickly and easily.

First you need a topic for your ezine. The topic of your
ezine should have to do with your product line or niche.

For instance, if you have an ebook that shows someone how
to fix a flat tire, then you want to keep your ezine on
the topic of tires.

You will also want a name for your ezine.

The name should have something to do the subject matter of
your ezine.

So, using the flat tire theme, you might want to call your
ezine "Free Tire Care Tips" or something in that vein.

Next you will want to write up a few issues of your ezine
so you can get a "feel" for how it will all come across.

Write up a few 250-500 articles on your subject matter and
save them for later use.

Once you are set up and ready to go, you will want to get
subscribers to your ezine.

Subscribers will eventually become your customers and purchase
products that your recommend.

To get subscribers to your ezine, you will want to write and
submit articles on your topic.

Use a few of the articles you've already prepared.

Submit them to an ezine directory such as

You can also get subscribers by using pay per click advertising
and offering a free report for anyone who signs up.

For the best in pay per click advertising, use
However, be sure you read up on the subject FIRST. You need to
know what you're doing or your costs can skyrocket quickly.

As your ezine grows, so will your profits. Keep on promoting your
ezine for the best results.

Do not forget that when you start an ezine, you are starting
a money making machine. Treat your management of it as such.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Internet Marketing Success - How To Achieve Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing success can be achieved in a short amount of
time if the proper care is taken to devise a plan of attack.

Many times you can find yourself lost in the sea of internet
marketing success stories, due to not following a proven model.

You must have a strategy in place that will help you reach
internet marketing success and the best way to do this is by
following in the foot steps of people who are the leaders in
your niche market.

It is much easier to achieve internet marketing success when you
can learn from someone who has already succeeded at the exact
thing you desire.

Research these people by using the keyword search for your

If you want an internet business that sells golf clubs, then
seek out others who are successfully doing this and learn from

You simply take the best parts from past success stories, drop
the bad, and then simply follow the roadmap.

You can also find mentors or internet marketing success coaches
that can be a big help and steer you in the right direction.

Coaches and mentors are those who have a wide range of experience.

They have learned by trial and error and can help you stay away
from the same mistakes they made.

Internet marketing success will come to you once you learn
that you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Remember that the only person that can stop you from becoming an
internet marketing success is you.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Article Marketing - How To Profit From Article Marketing

One of the best ways to advertise your online business is
by using article marketing.

Article marketing can quickly and effectively turn profits
for you in a variety ways.

There are a few good methods that you can implement to make
your article marketing a profitable venture.

For instance, once you have a 250-500 word article ready to
go, make sure that you use a powerful resource box at the
bottom of your article.

This resource box should point your readers to an opt-in
form where they will enter their name and email address in
return for a free report.

When you use article marketing in this manner, you are
building an opt in list of people who are very interested
in what you have to say.

Once you get them on your list, you can still use article
marketing by sending them new and useful content.

Within your article marketing mix, you will want to send
promotions for products or services.

This is the way you make a profit.

To monetize your article marketing efforts, submit articles
to "article directories" such as:

By submitting articles to directories, the search engines
will place you high in the rankings for your specific topic.

You will also want to use article marketing by submitting
your articles to other newsletter publishers.

Publishers are always looking for new and useful content
to send to their readers.

Use to find hundreds of publishers.

Compile a list of 15-30 publishers and send them a nice
email letting them know you have an article that their
readers would really enjoy.

One article ran to 10,000 readers can be very profitable
for you.

Use article marketing to it's fullest potential - it's