Wednesday, March 12, 2008

List Building - How To Generate Hyper Responsive Subscribers

One thing you need when list building is to get subscribers
on your list that are actually willing to spend money on
whatever it is you are selling.

You don't want to have a bunch of freebie seekers who are
not willing to take action and spend some money.

So what you want to do is start making offers to your new
subscribers as soon as they join your list.

I know this goes against "conventional thinking" but it's
simply the truth.

Once they subscribe to your list, send them to a web page
that thanks them for subscribing and at the bottom of your
thank you page, have an offer for a low priced product on
your niche.

The product should be priced between $7-$17.00 depending
on content and size.

Also, in your welcome email to your new subscribers you
should always include a "p.s." where you can make a soft
offer for the same low ticket product.

See, this way you are training your subscribers to expect
offers from you.

That's why they joined your list in the first place.

They are looking for a quick and easy solution to a problem
and if you can solve it for them and do it inexpensively
then they will buy.

Remember that the subscribers are on your list to make you

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you should only send
them offers and never send good quality content.

What you need to understand is, that your subscriber list
is your profit pipeline and it should be used to offer
the very advice and products you can find for your readers.

I'm sure you've probably heard this before, but I'll say
it again... "The Money Is In The List".

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