Wednesday, March 5, 2008

List Building And Coregistration - How To Build A List Quickly With Coregistration

Okay - what I'm about to tell you is currently being sold by
many top gurus for hundreds of dollars and is one of the
best kept secrets on list building you'll ever learn.

For many years there has been a little known list building
strategy being used by many in the "inner circle" of
internet marketing that has built lists in the hundreds of
thousands within a few days.

Furthermore, this little secret has made many of these same
gurus millions of dollars in pure profits.

What is this "secret" list building technique that has been
kept from you until now?


Coregistration is where you pay for each new subscriber that
is added to your list.

Using this method, you can simply and easily add hundreds of
targeted subscribers to your list within days.

How exactly is Coregistration used?

First you do a search for the term on Google. You will
notice many companies that offer to build your subscriber list
and you pay between .5 cents to $1.00 per subscriber depending
on your niche and the data collected.

Once you join a Coregistration company, you will write up a
powerful small ad for your list and they will place your ad
on targeted websites along with other people who are also
advertising their lists.

Hence the term "Coregistration".

Whenever someone sees your ad and wants to join your list,
they check the box beside your ad, then enter their name
and email address.

The Coregistration company then forwards this information
to you or your autoresponder.

You are only charged for confirmed opt ins.

This is an extremely powerful and quick way to build your
opt in list.

If you have some marketing funds available, try it out.
It works, and it works quickly. The only cap you'll have
on the size of your list will be the size of your budget.

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