Friday, March 14, 2008

List Building And Articles - How To Harness The List Building Power Articles

One of the best ways to start your list building efforts
is with articles.

Heck, you can't beat it really.

Articles are simple to write. They are free to submit and
they have the power of creating trust almost immediately.

Using articles with list building is a like having your
cake and eating it too.

Just write up a 250-500 word article on the subject of
your product or service.

The best articles to write are "how-to" articles like the
one you're reading now.

You can also write "tip" related articles where you list
3-5 tips on a "how-to" subject.

Make sure your article flows, and write like you would
talk to a friend or family member.

Be helpful and insightful.

After you've written your article, then it is time to put
the list building aspect into effect.

You do this by simply adding a 5-7 line "resource box" at
the bottom of your article.

In your resource box, you should direct your readers to
a free report you offer and have them enter their name and
email address to download it.

This free report can be a collection of 5-7 of your articles
you've written.

Once you're done, you can then submit your article to an
"article directory" such as:

Again, you are combining articles and list building together
to add subscribers to your list.

You should try to write and submit at least one article per day
to make the most out of your list building efforts.

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