Monday, March 3, 2008

List Building - How To Build A List Easily And Quickly

There's no more doubt about it... if you don't build an
opt in list of subscribers then your online efforts will
be totally wasted and you'll lose over 97% of your profits.

The trick is: build a list and do it quickly.

To accomplish this task, you'll need two important ingredients.

Traffic, lots of traffic. And a simple squeeze page to capture
the name and email address of your visitors.

Okay, let's look at the best ways to drive targeted traffic
to your squeeze page.

You can use pay per click and ezine advertising to quickly
get visitors, but it will cost you money to do so.

Using paid advertising can run into the hundreds or thousands
of dollars per month - not a great option!

Or you can use one of my favorite ways to get all the free
targeted traffic in the world and that's by writing and
submitting short, detailed articles.

Articles cost nothing and you can write them up fairly

Keep the articles around 250-300 each. At the end of the
article, place a link to your squeeze page.

Your squeeze page should be a very short website that offers
a free gift of some kind in return for the visitors name and
email address.

Make your squeeze page headline simple and powerful.

Put 3-5 bullet points outlining the best benefits of your

Put a simple opt in box at the bottom of the page and now
you are ready to start building an opt in list.

For more information regarding fast list building and
traffic generation methods, visit:

==> Free Traffic and List Building

Happy List Building!

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