Monday, December 24, 2007

List Building Course - 3 Essential Components of a Good List Building Course

Essentially, there are 3 very important components of any good list building course. If these critical areas are covered throughout the course and applied by the reader, then that reader can be relatively sure that he/she will have a good list building system in place that will generate results.

Building a strong, growing subscriber list is fairly simple in theory. If you want to learn how to build a list, here are the 3 critical areas to focus on:

#1 - Finding a High-Potential Niche Market

Granted, you can build a list in virtually any niche. But if a large subscriber list is what you are after, then you'll need to choose a niche that has a large base of potential customers that are hungry for the products and services that you'll ultimately be providing.

If you can choose the right niche market to target, then you can be relatively certain that your list building and product promotion efforts will be greatly rewarded.

There are many key criteria you should consider when choosing your niche, and your list building course should lay these criteria out for you.

#2 - Building an Enticing Squeeze Page

After you've chosen your niche, the next area of concern is how to create a squeeze page that motivates your site visitor to provide you with their name and primary email address.

HINT: This is best achieved by offering a free report or eCourse that fills a need or solves a problem for the person visiting your site.

Time and thought needs to be spent creating a quality squeeze page that produces the list building results you are looking for. Your squeeze page is an integral part of your list building system...make sure you take the time to build a good one.

#3 - Generating Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

Lastly, make sure you learn the basics of traffic generation. This is a HUGE KEY to your success when list building.

If you don't have a large number of site visitors, it won't matter how well you constructed your squeeze page because you won't have large numbers of people coming to view it!

As with any online business endeavor, the key ingredient is massive traffic. Once you have that, everything else can be tweaked for better conversions and results.

I hope this information helps you if you are in the market for a quality list building course. Choose well, and your opt-in list can grow consistently.

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