Friday, December 14, 2007

3 Simple Ways To Write An Ezine

If you want to make a real income on the internet, you
should consider writing an ezine (as daunting as that may

It's really not that hard to write an ezine and here's
how to do it easily.

#1 - Use articles from other writers.

This is a great way to write an ezine and you don't
need to know how to write.

There are thousands of writers on the internet that
are looking to have their work published.

No matter what the topic, you can find articles on just
about any and every topic known to man.

All you have to do is go to article submission sites
such as

You'll find enough material to write an ezine every
single day with no work on your part.

#2 - Use private label rights.

Another great way to write an ezine is by aquiring the
rights to hundreds of different articles on your topic.

Once you have the articles, you can either publish them
as is, or better yet you can edit them, give them new
titles, then publish them.

Using this method to write an ezine is used by hundreds
of online business owners.

You can find private lable rights to thousands of articles
on just as many subjects.

Do a search on for "private lable articles"
and you'll be able to write an ezine quickly.

#3 - Use

You can actually find other people to write an ezine for
you by hiring out a writer to create your articles.

Many college students do this to make extra money for
themselves and will do the work fairly cheaply.

You can find people to write 100 articles for about
.50 cents to one dollar for each if you take your time
and do some looking around.

The best place find these people to write an ezine is
by joining

There you will find hundreds of people who will bid on
your job.

All you do is tell the writers exactly what you need and
pay them to do the work.

Then you simply publish the articles as your own.

This will give you enough material to write an ezine
whenever you need or want to.

Use the above ways to write an ezine for your business
and watch your profits skyrocket.

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