Friday, December 28, 2007

5 Simple Steps To Make Money With Autoresponders

Yes, the basic business model to make money with
autoresponders is very simple in it's structure.

Once you get set up, this can be a great hands off way
of generating some easy profits online.

Here's how you do it:

Step #1 - Sign up for an account with an autoresponder

Just do a search on for autoresponders and
you'll have more than enough companies to choose from.

Make sure you're able to send out an unlimited amount
of messages and have as many autoresponders as you may

(My recommendation, by the way, is to go with Aweber.
They've been my service of choice for years and frankly
I'll never switch)

Step #2 - Find 3-5 information products that you can
offer to your readers.

To do this you can go to where you'll
find hundreds of products on many different topics.

You can become a reseller for any of the products
and earn a percentage of each sale.

This way, you don't need to a website or product of
your own.

To make money with autoresponders you'll want to find
products that pay out a big commission.

The bigger the commission the more money you'll make.
However, make sure you choose products that you feel offer
real value to the markets you plan to target.

Step #3 - You need to write up 5-7 messages for each
product you pick.

Make sure that the messages are either reviews of the
product, or how-to style articles that deal with the

You want to send one message per day that gives your
reader useful information he or she can use and help
them decide to purchase the product or not.

If you have 7 messages, make sure two of them are full
promotional messages.

Step #4 - You'll need to set up a small website where
your visitors can sign up for your messages.

This is how you'll make money with autoresponders.

Just use a powerful headline that entices the visitor
to sign up.

Write a few short paragraphs with bullet points to
outline the benefits of joining your autoresponder.

When a person signs up and gives their name and email
address, they are sent your messages in sequence.

You can set this up to send a message as often as you
would like - usually every day or two.

The main point is, you want to keep in consistent
contact with the people who join your autoresponder.

Step #5 - You need to advertise to people so they
can find your website and sign up to receive all of
your messages.

This is a big mistake made by newbies when trying to
make money with autoresponders.

If you don't advertise, you don't get sign ups.

If you don't get sign ups, you don't make money.

The best form of advertising is to write and submit

To do this, you simply write 300-500 word articles
like the one you're reading now.

Make your articles useful.

Pack them full of content that people need and can

At the end of your article you'll place a resource
box that contains a little ad and the link to your
short website.

You can submit your articles for free by visiting

When readers are finished with your article, they
will be able to go to your website and sign up.

Although this is very basic, it's a tried and true outline
of how to easily make money with autoresponders.

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