Thursday, December 20, 2007

3 Free Ways To Quickly Build Your Opt-In List

It's no secret that in order for you to ever really
earn a substantial, consistent income from the Internet
you're going to need your own opt-in list.

This opt-in list will consist of people who've asked to
be sent information on what ever topic or niche you are
currently involved.

Building your opt-in list should be at the TOP of your
priority list.

So having said that, here's 3 Free Ways To Quickly Build
Your Opt-In List:

#1 - Find other newsletters that deal with your niche
and do an "article swap"

Simply let other publishers know that you'll run their
article if they do the same for you.

This way you'll gain subscribers AND name recognition.

At the bottom of your article, be sure to ad your
subscription information so the readers can find your
opt-in list.

#2 - Do an "Ezine Endorsement Swap"

This is simply where you get together with a bunch of
ezine publishers, then you each write up a glowing
review of one anothers' ezines.

Each participating publisher runs the endorsements.
You all benefit by building your opt-in list free and

Once again, you'll want to make sure that your opt-in
information is available so you get subscribers and
build your opt-in list.

#3- Arrange a "Product Swap"

This is kind of like the "endorsement swap" but intead
you're going to swap products with other list owners.

This way you can endorse the product of your partner
and he/she will do the same for you.

This is very powerful as it builds your opt-in list
quickly for free and makes you profit at the same time.

Product swaps are a great, powerful way to add hundreds
of paying subscribers to your opt-in quickly and for

Use all of the above opt-in list building technqiues
and watch your list and profits soar.

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