Sunday, October 21, 2007

Opt In Email Leads - 3 Easy Ways To Get Opt In Email Leads

Getting opt in email leads is not that hard and there are
many ways to get as many opt in email leads as you need.

What follows are a few great ways to get hundreds of opt
in email leads.

#1 - Use coregistration.

Coregistration is simply "purchasing" subscribers so you
can get a list of opt in email leads.

With this method of obtaining opt in email leads you will
place a small ad on a network of websites.

The opt in email leads are collected and then they are
forwarded to you.

You can get opt in email leads for just about any type of
topic using this method.

Here is a website to help you get started

#2 - Give away a free report.

This is a good way to get many opt in email leads at no

To accomplish this, you simply write up a short 10-20
page report.

You then add in a link to your webpage where the readers
can opt in to receive messages from you.

Each time someone downloads your report, you let them know
they now have the right to give away your report to as many
people as they possibly can.

You will start to see many opt in email leads coming to you
and will continue to do so as long as your report is being
passed around.

This is a powerful way to get opt in email leads.

#3 - Advertise in ezines.

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to get
hundreds of opt in email leads is to advertise in targeted

The opt in email leads you receive from this method are
normally of very good quality.

Placing ads in ezines within your target market will also
make your opt in email leads more responsive as they have
already shown interest in your subject.

You can find thousands of ezines to place ads in by using

If you use all of the above methods of getting opt in email
leads, you will notice a big increase in your profits and

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