Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Free Internet Marketing Tools - 3 Free Internet Marketing Tools

You can save yourself some cash by using free internet marketing
tools and here is a few to get you started.

#1 - Free ad tracking software.

In order for you to keep track of the results of your advertising
campaigns, email link clicks, etc, you will need a way to
track the clicks.

On of the better free internet marketing tools for this is to us

This service will keep track of each unique click that comes from
your advertising.

Another good benefit is you can create short links and have them

This helps keep thieves from stealing your hard earned commissions.

It's one of the good free internet marketing tools around. Give it
a try.

#2 - Free search engine submissions.

One of the best free internet marketing tools is the free search
engine submission service at

Getting a high ranking in the search engines is a great way to
get tons of free traffic.

You can submit your website to all the major search engines as
well as some of the other smaller ones that give good traffic.

It's a good idea to resubmit your sites once a month to keep the
listings fresh.

This is one of those free internet marketing tools that you
just can't live without.

#3 - Free classified ads.

Of all the free internet marketing tools, free classified ads
are a hit or miss method of promotion.

But there are two great websites that will give you pretty good
results if used regularly.

These two sites have a great amount of traffic and get indexed
at the top of the search engines.

They are a great way to get free advertising for your internet

To get the best results, try posting a new ad every two or three
days to as many relevant categories as possible.

Using the above free internet marketing tools will help you save
some much needed cash and give you fairly decent results.

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