Wednesday, October 10, 2007

List Building Tips - 3 Cutting Edge List Building Tips

Many people who are new to doing business on the internet are
in need of good list building tips in order to help them
achieve success.

What follows are some very useful list building tips that will
have you up and running in a very short amount of time.

List Building Tips #1 - Do a cross promotion for your list.

Find 10-20 people who are also building a list within your
target market.

Write them a short email outlining your plan of attack which
is for each of you to send out a promotion and endorse each
others lists.

To do this, you write up a pre written endorsement for your
list, and allow the other joining members of your promotion
use it to send out to their lists.

You do the same in return.

This is one of those list building tips that can literally add
hundreds of names to your list real fast.

List Building Tips #2 - Post to forums for maximum results.

Using forums is one of the more underused list building tips
because the people that are actually posting to forums do not
how many different list building tips.

What you do is search out a few forums on your subject of
interest or the product that you are selling.

Once you have joined the forums, begin reading and getting
yourself used to the feel of the board.

Then you can start by answering a few of the posts.

Now to make this work for you, all you need to do is place a
small 3-4 line signature file at the end of each of your posts.

The signature file is nothing more than a link to your list
building page.

When readers of your posts get their answers, they will see your
ad and click to your website.

This is one of those list building tips that you should use to
it's full potential.

List Building Tips #3 - Make use of

Of all the list building tips you will read, this is the one
that has been kept secret.

Atleast until now.

One of the best websites to build your list with is by going
over to

This website gets thousands of visitors each day and is basically
nothing but a free classified ad site.

But it has one thing that most of these types of sites lack and
that is traffic.

Huge amounts of traffic.

The best way to use craigslist is to offer a free report and have
them click onto your website and enter their name and email address.

You should try and post to this site atleast two times per week to get
the best results.

If you use all of the above list building tips, you should see a big
jump in the number of people on your list.

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