Friday, October 19, 2007

Free Opt In Leads - 3 Easy Ways To Get Free Opt In Leads

Getting free opt in leads for your internet marketing
business is actually the best way to go and here is
how to get them.

#1 - Give something away of high value for free.

One of the best ways to get free opt in leads is to
give away a freebie of some sort.

This freebie can be a report, ebook, software, etc.

Then you will want to be able to let other people give
it away for free also.

This is how you will get free opt in leads.

By letting other people give away for your freebie, you
create a viral effect and can actually get hundreds of
free opt in leads in a short period time.

#2 - Trade ads with people who already have the leads.

To accomplish this way of getting free opt in leads all
you have to do is search out other people who have leads
that are related to your subject matter.

Contact a few of these people and do what is called an
ad swap.

This is how you will get your free opt in leads.

You will run an ad for the person who does the same for
you so you each share in the leads.

This is a very fast way to get free opt in leads and is
used by many successful marketers.

#3 - Join and post to forums.

This is a great method for obtaining free opt in leads.

Simply search for forums on your subject and then join

Start out by making relevant posts and helping other
posters out by answering questions.

Include a small resource box that links to your website
where you can collect the name and email address of
the visitors.

To get the free opt in leads, you will want to offer a
freebie as described in step #1 above.

The more forums you join and the more posts you make
with your resource box attached, the more free opt in
leads you will get.

The methods above if done on a consistent basis should
give you all the free opt in leads you will ever need.

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