Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bum Marketing Method - Bum Marketing Exposed Part II

Continuing my post from yesterday, here are some tips for
finding success using the bum marketing method.

If you are searching for key words on "acne cures" using
the bum marketing method you might want to search for
"acne cure tips" and you will find about 145 searches were
done for that key word phrase but there are no articles in
the top 10 google results for that term -- a good sign.

Next you will want to write up a simple 250-300 word article
that contains the key word phrase "acne cure tips".

When using the bum marketing method try and put the keyword
within the article atleast 7-9 times for maximum results.

You should place the key word in the title of your article
as well as in the first and second paragraph.

Then make sure your article contains useful content on your
key word topic and is not just an ad for your product.

Use a resource box at the bottom of your article that will
direct the readers to your product page.

With the bum marketing method, your resource box will be
nothing more than a three to five line classified ad for
the product.

You will then want to search for a few article directories
to submit your article to.

One of the best article directories for the bum marketing
method is

You can find more by searching for "article directories"

You will want to try and write three articles per day for
the key words on your product topic in order for the bum
marketing method to give you maximum results.

Submit the articles to a few article directories and watch the
traffic and sales start to come in.

The bum marketing method does work and has been proven
over and over again.

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