Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bum Marketing Method - Bum Marketing Exposed Part I

The bum marketing method is the latest round of new ways
of doing an old trick.

With the bum marketing method, you can make money online
without spending any money on advertising, which in return
will make your profit margins larger.

The bum marketing method is set up so even the most
inexperienced person can put it to use and start seeing
a jump in sales.

One thing you will notice from the start with the bum
marketing method is that it will take some patience to
see the results.

The bum marketing method is a long term investment that
can and WILL pay off in the long run.

Here is how you can start using the bum marketing method
within a couple of hours and start making some profits.

First, you will want to find a product to sell.

The best products to use for the bum marketing method are
information products.

You can find thousands of different information products
to use with the bum marketing method at http://clickbank.com

You can sign up as an affiliate for free and get paid
every two weeks for any sales you make using the bum
marketing advertising methods.

Once you have found a few products and joined the affiliate
program, you will want to search out some solid, little
used key words.

To do this, you simply think up key words that people
might use to find the product.

Use http://google.com

Then add quotes around the key word phrase, as this will give
you the exact match results.

Stay tuned for part II of this post...

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