Saturday, January 12, 2008

The 2008 Massive Free Traffic Quest

Well, in keeping with my annual tradition I've decided to make some New Year's resolutions. Among the list of "usual suspects" like getting healthier, losing a few pounds, etc. I've also made some pretty aggressive goals for my online business.

One of these goals is this....I resolve to create Massive Free Traffic to this blog -- and for a few reasons:

#1 - I have spent hours researching the resources and creating the posts for this blog, and I truly feel that the information provided here is of benefit to others interested in marketing online. Therefore, I'd like as many people as possible to be exposed to this blog.

#2 - I'm obviously committed to building a thriving online business and the key to all forms of marketing is massive numbers of people being exposed to your offer(s). The great thing about blogging, however, is that you get to provide useful content to your audience as part of the marketing process, rather than simply clubbing folks over the head with "sales information".

#3 - I'm always up for a good challenge, and creating something from nothing is always a good one. Since I refuse to pay for traffic, I realize that I'll need to provide consistent quality content, in addition to utilizing creative online traffic generation methods, in order to create the desired traffic to this blog.

So, here is the action plan to achieve the desired result...

First, I will continue to regularly post the best information I can provide regarding online marketing and income generation methods.

Secondly, I will be utilizing as many traffic generation methods as possible. Many of these will come directly from information learned over the past year or so. Probably the best traffic guide I've come across recently is Michelle MacPhearson's Social Media Daily and I will using many if not all of her methods here.

I will be posting my traffic stats on a weekly basis, so there will be a nice time trail left with regards to what is working -- and how well. As I implement new methods, I will post them so that new and returning visitors will have a "free traffic generation" path laid out for them.

Again, it's all about providing Good Content...

As an initial baseline, here are my traffic stats for the previous week:

Obviously not lighting the world on fire, but it's a starting point. Now it's time to get to work.

Thus far I've been posting regularly, submitting to directories at VileSilencer as well as QUIT, and I've created an account at AboutUs.

Today, I will be creating an account at DayTipper and posting a tip there as well.

So, the quest has begun. Stay tuned for weekly updates - and come back often.

I've been told that the only way to eat an elephant (i.e. Massive Free Traffic) is one bite at a time.

I have my fork in hand....

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