Saturday, January 19, 2008

Article Marketing And List Building For Success

Out of all the ways to build an opt in list of susbscribers,
article marketing has to be one of the best.

Why is it the best? Actually there are many reasons why
article marketing is great for list building.

Some of them are:

1 - Writing articles doesn't cost you any money. However it
does cost you time.

But the good thing is, once you start writing articles, your
abilities improve and you can crank out 10 or more per day.

The more articles you write, the more traffic and subscribers
you receive.

2 - Article marketing builds a very responsive list of
subscribers who have already shown interest in your niche.

By taking the time to read your article, click to your web
site, and enter their name and email address, these people will
be more responsive to your offers and emails.

As long as your give them useful information mixed in with
great products, your profits will soar.

3 - Articles produce a sense of trust in the reader. After
reading an original article that you've written, it's as
though you have personally sat down with the reader and
talked with them one on one.

Building trust is a key element in your list building

If your subscribers do not trust you, they simply will not
respond to you or purchase from you.

That is why your articles must be written as if you were
simply talking to a friend about your topic. Just like the
article you are reading right now.

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