Friday, November 9, 2007

Online Marketing Secrets - 3 Online Marketing Secrets Revealed

There are hundreds of people selling their online marketing secrets all
over the internet.

Many of these online marketing secrets are simply outdated and do not
work at all.

Here is a few online marketing secrets that are up to date and are proven
to work.

#1 - You must build an opt in email list.

If you are trying to sell anything at all on the internet and you are not
building an opt in email list of your own, then you are missing out on
thousands of dollars in profit.

You must make building your list the number one priority.

Why do you need an opt in list? That is easy to answer. You need a list so
you have the ability to keep in contact with your prospects.

It takes repeated contact before you can make a sale.

If you have your own opt in list, then you can keep in consistent contact
with your prospects and make offers to them.

This is one of the highly effective online marketing secrets you will have
to put to use.

#2 - Have your own product to sell.

One of the most difficult online marketing secrets is to develop your own

Many people just do not have the time, patience, or talent to come up with
their own product idea.

So here is what you should do. Just create and write a short 20-30 page report
on a topic that you have a good amount of knowledge in.

You might have 25 recipes on how to make the best hamburger, or you might
be really good at fixing computers.

Just think of a few things you already know about, then sit down and write
about them.

Compile your ideas into a report and sell it.

#3 - Become an affiliate.

If for some reason you just cannot come up with your own product, then I
suggest you become an affiliate.

Being an affiliate is one of the most used online marketing secrets and
can be quite profitable.

To be an affiliate means that you sign up as a reseller for someone who
already has a product.

You are then paid a percentage of each sale you make.

The best product to make money with is information products, and you can
find a ton of them to sell for free at

This is one of the best online marketing secrets you will find for making
quick and easy profits with no work on your end other than marketing.

Now you have at your disposal a few good online marketing secrets to use
and make yourself some profits.

So get started now.

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