Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3 Quick And Easy Steps To Make Money With Google Adwords

The following is a proven method to make money with
google adwords and is easy to implement.

Step #1 - Go to http://clickbank.com and sign up for a
free account.

Once you're set up, you'll want to go to the section
titled ClickBank Market Place.

You'll notice hundreds of information products on a
variety of subjects.

Information products are the best products to use to make
money with google adwords.

You'll want to pick a product that has a high gravity
and pays out atleast 50% on each sale.

You'll be paid every two weeks for any sales you make.

Step #2 - Sign up as an affiliate for the product you've

The affiliate signup link can normally be found near
the bottom of the product website.

Sometimes you'll find the signup link at the top right
hand site.

The link usually says "affiliates" or "make money".

The very best websites and affiliate progams will have
pre-written ads, keywords, banners, etc.

Step #3 - Go to http://google.com and sign up for a
google adwords account.

After you've signed up, you will then be lead through
the set up of your ad, keywords, bids, etc.

Your keywords should be tightly focused on the product
you chose through ClickBank.

Keywords are nothing more than the terms your potential
customers use to find information on the product you're

Having laser targeted keywords is how you'll make money
with google adwords.

Your ad should be short, powerful, and create desire.
Many affiliate products have pre-written ads you can use
in the "affiliate tools" section of their site.

You're bids should be kept as low as possible as to not
lose alot of money while tyring to make profit.

Also remember to keep your daily ad budget set low as
you're first starting out.

This way you can test your ads, keywords, product, etc.

Once you find a product that will produce atleast a one
percent sales rate(1 for every 100 targeted visitors)
you can then raise bids, find new keywords, write and
test new ads.

To really make money with google adwords, you'll want
to consistently repeat this process for other products
you find.

Keep adding to your product portfolio and watch your
profits soar!

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