Friday, November 2, 2007

3 Lazy Ways To Make Money With Article Marketing

One of the best ways to make money on the internet is
with article marketing.

Not only is it a free way to advertise but you can also
position yourself as an expert to others.

Here's how it's done:

Step #1 - Pick your niche. What is it that you're good
at? What interests you the most.

Search on for some keywords on your favorite

Then pick a few of the ones that interest you.

If you love to "train dogs" then you can simple write
up 300-500 word articles that tell someone the best
ways to train their dog.

Step #2 - Once you've got your niche, head on over to

Sign up as an affiliate. It's free to do so.

Go to the ClickBank Market Place and search for any
products on your chosen topic.

You'll notice hundreds of information products on a
variety of subjects.

Information products are the best products to make
money with article marketing.

You'll want to pick a product that has a high gravity
and pays out atleast 50% on each sale.

You'll be paid every two weeks for any sales you make
through your article marketing.

The affiliate signup link can normally be found near
the bottom of the product website.

Sometimes you'll find the signup link at the top right
hand site.

The link usually says "affiliates" or "make money".

Step #3 - Write and Submit your article.

Now that you've chosen a product, you'll want to do a
search on for any and all information you
can dig up on the product.

Look for other reviews, articles, etc.

Compile this information into a short 300-500 article.

The article you write should contain a great review
of your chosen product or you can write an article
that has to do with topic of your product.

You're atticle must be a review or "how-to" style
just like the article you're reading now.

Just make sure the article is not an ad and that it
is short, to the point, and around 350-500 words.

At the end of your article, place a 4-5 line resource
box which is nothing more than an ad for the very
product you're writing about.

Make sure you place your affiliate link in the box
so you get paid for any sales that come through.

Now that you've finished the article, you then want
to submit it to a bunch of article directories.

You can find dozens of them by search google with
the term "article directories".

Your article will end up on the internet and read
by many people who are interested in your topic.

After they read your article, they will see your
resource box, read the ad and click your affiliate

If they like the product, you get a sale.

Try writing atleast one article per day on your
topic and submitting it to as many directories as

This is a very simple, no cost way to make money with
article marketing.

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