Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3 Must Know Affiliate Marketing Tips

One of the easiest ways to start a profitable internet
business is by becoming an affiliate.

What follows are must know affiliate marketing tips
that will help you maximize your efforts.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1 - Always try and pick a
product that offers you no less than 50 per cent on
each sale.

You need a high payout to make it worth your while
in your marketing efforts.

Taking a smaller cut of the sale, will only make
the product owner richer.

Ideally you want to make atleast $20.00 and up for
each affiliate product.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2 - Make sure the owner of
the product will pay you in a timely manner.

There's nothing more frustrating than being owed
hundreds of dollars for your hard work and not being
able to collect.

The best affiliate programs use clickbank.com for
their payment processor.

You're pretty much guaranteed to be paid on time
every two weeks for any and all sales you make.

Remember to be sure and check out who, how and when
you get paid before getting involved.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3 - Be sure that the product
owner has prewritten classified ads, banners, email
messages, reviews etc.

The good ones always have an arsenal of tools for

It's in the products owners best interest to help you
make as many sales as possible.

It's a win-win situation for both of you.

Use these simple affiliate marketing tips and watch
your income soar.

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