Friday, January 2, 2009

Internet Marketing Tips - Website Traffic Series #2

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the website traffic series.

In the last installment we spoke about providing high quality, unique content that is of value to your website visitors. Today's website traffic tip expands on that thought a bit:

Increase Website Traffic - Method #2 -- KEEP ADDING High Quality, Unique Content

In a study recently performed by the top search engine online today (any guesses? think "big G"), roughly half of the 2.5 billion searches performed daily are for unique, one-off phrases. You need to keep creating quality content based around relevent keywords to your niche in order to better the chances that your site will come up in the search engine results.

(Linking is the second part of this equation, and we'll get to that in another website traffic series installment)

When researching keywords, think "long tail". For instance, instead of targeting a keyword such as "golf swing", target a long-tail such as "how to improve your golf swing quickly". Can you see how many more variables of the long-tail could come up in the search engine results?

For my keyword research, I always start off by using the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool.

If you work at it, you can easily come up with a handful of good, long-tail keywords to target within your niche, then write quality content built around those phrases. In doing so, you may (over time) "hit" on hundreds of keyword variations.

You can then direct that website traffic to affiliate offers, a newsletter sign-up page, other helpful websites within your niche (remember, you're trying to add value for your visitor?) - wherever you'd like. You can also monetize that traffic with on-site ad programs such as Google Adsense.

Please keep in mind that search engines prefer websites that keep adding new
content gradually. Therefore - don't let your site go stale - regularly add fresh, unique and helpful content.

In the words of Super Affiliate James Martell:
"My own rule of thumb is this: Add a minimum of 1 article per week, 2 preferably. Adding an article daily is euphoria and adding 1 every six hours, well, that's the best."

See you soon with another tip to help you increase your website traffic.

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