Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Internet Marketing Tips - Review of James Martell's Backlinks Workshop

Top 10 rankings in Google are a pipe dream to most webmasters, me included.  I had no idea where to begin learning, and I know I'm not alone.  The seemingly impossible and daunting task of figuring out how to earn those high search engines rankings, requires an understanding of how search engines work, and I didn't have it.

James Martell does though.  He is the author of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook and Online Success for NON-TECHIES - How to Take Your Business, Hobby or Profession to the Internet.  He's more then a successful entrepreneur; he's creator of 'Coffee Talk', an ongoing series of interviews with industry experts, that he shares with his students during his SUPER BootCamp, which may be the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training available. So, it should be no surprise that his Backlinks Workshop, is leading the way again and helping site owners like myself.

To understand why Martell developed this workshop, consider his assessment as an industry expert: "Most website owners are confused or misinformed about the techniques that drive free traffic from the search engines to their websites.  This is because they lack the critical understanding of what it takes to earn those top rankings; legitimate, non-'spammy' techniques."

As he explains in the workshop, the search engines give the highest ranking to the sites that are linked to the most by other search engine trusted sites.  In other words, when a website has a link back to your website (hence the term Backlink), Google counts this as a 'vote', if you will.  The more backlinks your site has, the more votes it has, and that's the key to high rankings.  "In short", says Martell, "There's just no other way".  He's referring to climbing ranks of Google; I say the same applies to learning from Martell.

James has released his latest training targeted at helping webmasters increase their rankings on Google by learning everything you need to know about backlinks.  Through a unique blend of video and live training, Martell walks site owners step by step through process, with weekly lessons teaching each step of Martell's proven inbound link campaign.  Dan Maynard, Manager of Marketing Tactics and the owner of www.piano-keyboard-reviews.com summarizes his experience by telling James, "I tried other methods taught by credible and well noted authorities but by far your knowledge surpassed them all! Thank you for teaching us the "real" nuts and bolts".

In the same down to earth, applicable teaching style used in his other trainings, James makes good on his promise to deliver and this is how it's done.

How Training Works

In a teaching style similar to a correspondence course, using a unique blend of weekly video lessons and scheduled LIVE online events, (to dramatically decrease the learning curve), you'll experience the following effective teaching and learning opportunities:

  • Weekly Video Lessons – delivered automatically each week; watch Martell, recorded live from his conference room, from your own computer on your own schedule.
    • Benefit from the mp3 audio version, so you can review in the car, from your iPod and have your questions answered on the go
    • You'll also get a full transcript of each session, so you can grab a pen and highlight away
  • Scheduled Live Events
    • Coaching Club – have your questions answered by Martell, listen to others questions being answered and more during the twice per month live Q&A and coaching sessions held in his online conference room.  Participants will
      • Engage in site critiques
      • Receive expert feedback
      • Have your questions answered and the discussion recorded for play back, review or in case you miss a
    • Coffee Talk – listen to live interviews each month via conference call as James interviews fellow experts from the industry who provide insight, resources, and invaluable information that affiliates need to succeed in the ever-changing online publishing world.
      • Nearly 40 interviews already archived on the site
      • Also available to you for play back and review, or in case you miss a session
  • 24/7 Chat Forum – active and engaging members only community
    • Get answers to your questions as you go
    • Get added clarification and feedback
    • Benefit from access to 10,000+ member posts- they are fully searchable!
A quick glance and it's easy to see why participation is essential. Don't wait. It's easier than ever to generate high rankings in the search engines if you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and do a little work by attending Martell's Backlinks Workshop. You can get started with no money down and get your first lesson for by taking advantage of the 7-day trial offer.  Start experiencing natural search engine traffic and enjoy it for years to come, by enrolling now.

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