Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pay Per Click vs. Traditional Advertising Online

Pay per click advertising has been slowly gaining speed as the way to go in online advertising since its start in 2002. The minimum cost to set up an account has really come down which some believe makes pay per click advertising one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online. Other forms of advertising online, including regular search engine inclusion, banner ads, cross-linking and listing with directories, can have decent results but few are as effective and affordable as pay per click. This doesn't mean you should choose pay per click and avoid other forms of advertising - a good combination is always the best decision for any business, whether on the net or in the real world marketplace.

The way PPC usually works is that you will link a credit card or bank account to the pay per click account and when your balance hits a certain amount the money is withdrawn automatically from your payment source. Other traditional forms of online advertising generally expect full payment up front for a certain amount of time. This can be a little daunting when trying an advertising method for the first time and you're not sure what kind of results you're going to get for your money. Unfortunately, advertising is often a trial and error system.

The major benefit of pay per click advertising is that you don't pay unless a visitor clicks your advertising link. This usually means a higher percentage of your advertising budget actually leads to customers. Read the terms of any pay per click site that you're considering, since some guarantee clicks as an incentive. People who are getting paid or getting advertising from the company usually produce these clicks. These are not beneficial to your business and should be avoided. Other forms of advertisings may not take as much time to perfect as pay per click advertising. With PPC you can expect to spend an amount of time every week reviewing your keywords and revising your ads and the keyword they are linked to.

Both pay per click and traditional online advertising have their strengths and their weaknesses. Pay per click advertising may cost less but it also takes up more valuable time. The results are targeted to an extent but may not necessarily lead to interested customers so weekly revising is needed for each keyword account. Traditional advertising may cost more but are usually intended for superior targeting of customers. The traditional forms of advertising online don't call for quite as much upkeep as PPC advertising requires.

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