Monday, September 10, 2007

How to Write Autoresponders that Sell

The key to writing effective autoresponders is to have a clear objective from the beginning. Since autoresponders are being sent to those who are interested in your goods and services, chances are they have already visited your site or have made a purchase in the past. Autoresponders are a way to earn repeat business or to sell a new product. They should not be long and they should have a point that is easy to understand.

While many people use autoresponders as a way to reach a large number of people without having to send each person on their mailing list a personal message, you should keep in mind that automated messages do not sell products. Even though your message will be read by thousands of people, making each of them feel special is the goal. Those who receive your message should feel like it was to them from you personally. When writing your message, use a conversational tone. Always include your full name, your company name, and URL so customers can click on it easily when they want to visit your site. Your message should only be one or two paragraphs in length and should mention your web site once or twice.

Don't use autoresponders to plug everyday products. This is a waste of time and if those on your email list receive too many messages, they will want to opt out. Save autoresponders for holidays, special sales, new products launches, or any other time you have something important to say.

In your opening paragraph, introduce your product. Tell the customer when it is available and where they can find it. Since most people do not take the time to read entire emails from companies and small businesses, you should include contact information in the beginning and at the end of your message. In second paragraph, you can describe the benefits and features of the new product and offer advice on using it.

Since sales letters are generally ignored by customers, an effective autoresponder should not sound like you are trying to sell something. Instead, it should sound more like an update or a friendly reminder to visit your web site. In the subject line, you should include your company name so people will know it's from you. Since spamming has become a big issue in recent years, wording your message and your subject line correctly will keep your message from the bulk mail pile.

After sending autoresponders, track their progress to see how many hits you receive as a result. If your message was effective, you will experience an increase in business a few hours after sending the message. Give it a few days to measure the success of your autoresponder.

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