Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Guaranteed Way to Not Make Money Online

Bold Statement?

You bet, but after a boatload of frustration experienced by hopeful and would-be internet marketers it is about time someone laid out, in simple terms, exactly what needs to be in place to actually make money online.

There are SO many programs and courses out there that promise to teach you what it takes to make money online - for a small/large fee of course - and many times those courses end up costing you hours upon hours of time to implement, not to mention more money for the 'secret sauce to really make it work', and often you end up with a sale or 2 for all your laborious work.


In actuality it is not that difficult to make money online, although that piece of advice doesn't sell many products on Clickbank, does it? (sorry, no affiliate program for the previous statement)

Making a decent chunk of change online first and foremost comes down to one simple principle, yet so many marketers neglect to follow it - and end up broke and frustrated.

Here is the conventional approach:

1) Go to Clickbank, CJ, etc. and choose a product in a market you know a bit about

2) Get your affiliate link

3) Start a free blog at Blogger or Wordpress and post a few review-style articles on it with your affiliate link craftily inserted in the article(s)

4) Write keyword-focused articles and press releases until your cuticles bleed and submit them to the major directories with your blog link in the bio box

5) Watch the sales roll in and cash the checks

CAN this approach work? Yes. DOES this approach work for most people? Hell no!

The poor marketer that spent hours setting all this up is left with zippo except an empty wallet and sleep-deprivation.

Meanwhile the product owner (that contributes little during the attempted sales process) has a few 'super-affiliates' pushing the product and does in fact sit back, builds his list on auto-pilot, and cashes the checks - making sure to put Clickbank screen captures on the affiliate sales page to show you how 'easy' it is to make money online with the product.

Infuriating, isn't it?

This procedure happens daily, with new products launching all the time and affiliate programs attached to them informing marketers how they can make a killing promoting the product.

The fact is, the only ones 'raking it in' are the product owners and the people with huge lists they pummel relentlessly with new offers. Sickening...

This is, for the average online marketer, the Guaranteed Way to NOT Make Money Online - without a doubt. Unless you're happy with a 21.00 commission here and there.

So what is the answer? You need to build your OWN online empire - not the business of someone else! This is critical!!!

How should you go about doing that?

First off, select a market where people are actively looking to buy information or products. It does you no good to enter a barren market, does it?

MAJOR HINT: Go to or the local bookstore and check out the magazine section. Every magazine you see is a potential market, isn't it? If advertisers are willing to put up serious money to place ads in those magazines, you can bet there is some pretty good ROI.

Next, either create a product in that market or purchase the resale rights to an existing one. Many times they'll even include the sales copy that you can upload to your preferred web host. Now you OWN the product and the sales website - that's more like it, right?

Then you simply use all those promotional tactics you were told to use in your affiliate marketing efforts and apply them to promoting your OWN product(s), and you keep all the commission.

That's effective internet marketing - especially when it comes to actually turning a profit.

It may be easier to think of it this way. Create content - in any format you wish - that (preferably) promotes some type of free guide or mini-course, which in turn promotes a product that you either own outright or have acquired the rights to re-sell.

Don't make the deadly mistake of becoming a pawn and a the King and own the process. Your sanity, and your bank balance, will appreciate it.

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  1. The benefits of having an online home business are many. For one thing a home based business lets you work from home and set your own working hours. This will allow you to spend valuable time with your family. You'll also be your own boss and be responsible for your own work. Additionally your online business is strategically placed in the world's largest marketplace giving you almost unlimited earning potential.

  2. Very true Harry - but if you want to increase the odds that you will make money online from your home business you need to cast off the lemming mentality and own the process.